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Today, my boss put me on suspension, a week after granting a subordinate time off to recover from surgery. When I signed the paperwork, I was too embarrassed to admit I didn't understand her writing, which apparently said she was getting treated for "dangerously low levels of dick". FML
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She does, however, have dangerously high levels of bitch.

Steve95401 49

I remember an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" where someone was treated for that condition.


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Well I'm not entirely sure what to say. Just be aware of anyone needing time off for new pipe to be laid.

And be aware of any workplace plummets looking to snake her drain.

sugarshane007 20

Also handyman are also of suspicion. They are known for their drywall being well hung.

Im sure DocB must have a cure for that!

Steve95401 49

I remember an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" where someone was treated for that condition.

CharresBarkrey 15

She does, however, have dangerously high levels of bitch.

And her writing has very low levels of comprehension.

Sorry. I just forgot the word at the moment.

36- you should be thumbed down for your name specifically.

36 has explained they aren't a fan and it is a gag name. Also i do not think it appropriate to judge ones comments purely off of their music taste, regardless of how terrible it is.

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I filled out a time off request to get drunk and party. I put a sode note that if said request was granted, my manager was welcome to get drunk as well. It was granted, but I was disappointed to see that she was a no show at the party

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Next time, OP, just say something about it not being neat enough to file.

Well Op next time tell her you can't read her shitty hand writing. Maybe that's why she is a bitch she needs the D.

Don't laugh. This sounds like an extreme case of dicktheria.

Why would you be embarrassed about not being able to read someone's writing? It's their fault that it's sloppy.

I'll say! I'm surprised how some people still have the handwriting of a 12 year old.

klovemachine 24

I'm surprised some people even write anymore :O

Sadly, I think klovemachine has the correct answer.

Sadly, some of us have very bad handwriting. I know my handwriting isn't the best, I've tried numerous times to make it neater. I usually try to write very slowly and to make it as legible as possible when writing for someone else; I don't expect them to read my handwriting as well as I do! If I have the option to type it, though, I use it because it's a sure-way method it will be readable.

This can actually be due to a learning disability called dysgraphia. Both my brother and one of my friends have it. My brother's case is pretty mild, but his handwriting hasn't changed since he was ten. It's legible, but childlike - and he has to really focus to make it legible. Notes he leaves for himself just look like scribbles. My friend has a much worse case of it. She struggles to write a sentence and until she was diagnosed in 9th grade (and allowed to do all assignments on a computer) she caught a lot of ribbing, even from teachers, for her handwriting. My 10th grade physics teacher once told me I have "ugly girl writing. Girls are supposed to write all loopy and neat and pretty and your handwriting looks like my Dad's."

what disease?? the bitch wrote the whole thing awfully, but on purpose, just to get some time off for her own leisure... I thought that was obvious..

You should have referred her to your skydiving instructor. He probably would have been eager to fix he problem

That was a dick move by your boss. Still, it was pretty ballsy of you to sign that paper without understanding it. Maybe your workplace needs to lay out some guidelines for granting leaves.