By awkwardology - 27/09/2013 07:56 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, my mum dismissed my diagnosed schizophrenia as "too much time with those earphones in". FML
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MattOnFML 13

Show her to a doctor, it sounds like she has a case of being an idiot.

Awesome!! Now we know for certain all those other schizofrenics are lying assholes! Except they're not. Your mom is.


I think you're trying too hard. PAUSE and reconsider your actions. See?

That's like saying people get epilepsy and seizure due to excessive video games.

25, some video games can trigger a seizure if someone has epilepsy already - especially if it has flashing lights

It's not the game it's the patterns of flashing lights.

MattOnFML 13

Show her to a doctor, it sounds like she has a case of being an idiot.

To be fair, some parental figures do this all the time about the electronic doohickeys... "You've got a stomachache? It's that damn Facebook." "You feel like your about to throw up? Stop using that Twitter thing then!" "Aww, your arm fell off, there's 4 sharks in the bathroom and the house is on fire? Damn laptop..."

MattOnFML 13

My parents always blame my console or my laptop "Oh you have a headache? It's cause if the computer." "Dehydrated? It's because of the computer."

DFresh503 8

"Those voices in your head are merely echoes from you're excessively loud headphones"

my mom does this all of the time. "your stomach hurts? it's because youve been playing that game for too long."

There are also parents who don't believe that mental illnesses are real, which could very likely be the case here.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Anyone who thinks mental illnesses are "made up" must be pretty ****** up in the head themselves. To a certain degree I think some are just a crock of shit, but schizophrenia is definitely not one of those. The problem is nowadays it seems like it's a cool thing to be diagnosed with something like OCD or bi polar disorder. A lot of people "self diagnose" themselves with shit like that to get away with being generally, a piece of shit. I'm not going to say there isn't people out there that truly have it and really need the help, because that's just being completely oblivious, but for some reason people love to say they have a certain disorder as an excuse to get away with shit. I wish you the best, OP, you have a battle ahead of you.

I agree, 40. My friend had severe depression, actually we both did. Her more than I though. Her mother blamed it on me and proceeded to tell her she neede to "grow up". She finally got to a therapist, and is almost back to normal. ******* parents. She was 13 when she "self-diagnosed" herself, but as it went on, it got worse, so there was no doubt what it was. She finaly got help at 18 when she could pay for it on her own.

repKyle95 24

Back in 6th grade, my whackjob psychiatrist overdosed me on a shit ton of different meds, and I ended up hearing voices as a side effect of their interactions. I'm glad the effects weren't permanent like OP's though - it was scary enough having that for a month... I can't even imagine how horrible never being sure of what voices are real and which ones aren't for the rest of my life. Sounds like your mom needs a dosage of Fisttofaceolin.

doglover100 28

"Your back hurts? It's from the laptop"

I agree but there is mess that stop the voices .

My dad is the same. He blames my eating disorder, anxiety disorder and depression on a game I haven't played since I was 12.

Awesome!! Now we know for certain all those other schizofrenics are lying assholes! Except they're not. Your mom is.

addioty 19

Yeah. Schizophrenia is a SERIOUS condition. I took a mental health class and schizophrenia should not be dismissed.

addioty 19

That is what I meant, though it came out badly for which I apologize. Yes, every mental disorder is important. What I'm saying is Schizophrenia is one of the more serious ones. I have an anxiety disorder, and although it is important, it is easily treated. Schizophrenia is hard to treat and there isn't a true way to get better if you don't want to be drugged all the time, making therapy the only viable option.

I have diagnosed schizophrenia, and I agree with you. Mental disorders shouldn't be taken lightly, and OPs mum is just plain disrespectful.

I know how you feel. When I was in 5th grade, I got this virus and my family said I was faking it even though the doctor diagnosed it.

There's kind of a big difference between having a virus and having a mental illness. One does not simply "get over" schizophrenia. Consider yourself lucky.

My parents did the same when I was about six. I was getting sick and asked to go to the doctor but they thought I was faking to get out of school. Turns out I had the early symptoms of TB and had to go into two months of medicines and antibiotics. I could have died.

My mom is the exact opposite. Through school I rarely got sick, maybe once every 2 years. So if I got sick more than once in the sane year my mom treated it like I could die the next day.

Tell her the voices in your head are telling you to do awful things to her. Play up on it and freak her out when she wakes up make sure your just staring at her really close to her face with scissors in your hand creepily smiling! Will soon freak her out and shut her up!

Or... It could make her end up in a mental asylum... On the bright side, at least the mum would know that OP does indeed have a mental problem.

Or they could both go to a mental asylum nothing like a bit of mentalist family bonding!

This plan works really well since OP ACTUALLY has schizophrenia!

Little4Bear 10

I shall diagnose your mum right now. She seems to have a case of the idiot.

buttcramp 21

I'd try to convince her as best i could. If she doesn't take this seriously, you should call someone of authority. It may not be considered abuse but the longer aaaany mental health problem goes untreated, it gets worse over time. Good luck!

Take her to your next appointment with the psychiatrist. Perhaps they may he able to show her the seriousness of your mental illness OP. I understand how you feel, as an anxiety sufferer, my mum has played it down most of my life, which in turn has caused more problems.

every1luvsboners 11

Stick the earphones in your ass. There's definitely a positive correlation between ass headphones and schizophrenia, it can't be denied.

Willibobs 33

Dude, will you **** off with the arse comments already.