By ElhonnaDS - United States - White Plains
Today, my fiancé and I were planning to move to a cheaper apartment which my mother agreed to rent us. She was very supportive and excited that we'd be closer, and it was great until she gave us a list of books, movies, games, etc. that we can't bring because they're "demonic". FML
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OP here- A couple of points of clarification: 1) She wasn't paying the bills- I was looking for a cheaper apartment. We'd have gone down from a 3-bedroom to a studio. Where I live, I would have been paying a pretty standard rate for what a studio is- it was just convenient to be renting from family, with whom I generally get along. 2) He's my fiancee now. We'd have been married by the time we moved in. 3) She has definitely had some interesting idea manifest over the last couple of years, as she has begun reading the Gospel according to Saint Google. It seems these days she will take any chain e-mail she gets with about the same degree of seriousness as the actual Bible. For most of my life, we have had very normal and respectful boundaries about our differences in belief. I knew she had some odd ideas, but the idea that she would demand to have control over every book, movie, piece of clothing, game, etc. that we had in an apartment we were paying to rent was much further out than I thought she was. 4) When I say she thinks they are demonic, I don't mean she doesn't want me watching Hellboy or other movies that are about demons. What she specifically said is that the physical objects (outlined as movies and books that depicted violence, sex, horror, fantasy, aliens, superheroes, any object that had any cultural reference that could be traced to a non-Christian religion or superstition, satanic heavy metal and video games, etc.) were actually all carrying demonic spirits in a real and physical sense, which would be brought into the apartment with them, and she needed to protect herself by not letting us bring the demons in (the apartment, while having a separate entrance, is attached to her house). So, needless to say, we thanked her very much and cancelled our plans to move into that apartment pretty much immediately. The FML is mostly that she's so far gone from when I was younger, and that she sprung this on us after we told everyone we were taking the apartment, rather than up front when we discussed rent, parking, furniture and pretty much every other detail.
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  niallo  |  23

If you are paying her rent, she's NOT paying the bills. And if you are a renter, she can't tell you what you can or can't bring in. At least not without a lease. And if she just sprang this on you, she doesn't.

  inthedopeshow  |  17

She doesn't sound overly controlling to me, she seems overly religious. When ones religion reaches the point that it oppresses others it's more of a poison to the mind than a tool of comfort as it is intended to be.

  SpamPam  |  18

But the fact is that OP is probably saving a very generous amount of $ in rent. Because OP's mom owns the property, she can threaten to kick him out if OP does anything "out of line" according to her standards.

  perdix  |  29

#30, let me give it a shot. It's not safe to say, because there are a lot of them out there and they are not averse to using "pressure" to cure heathens.

Usually, you should just roll eyes and move on.

  Jaxx66  |  21

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is much more interesting. Reading about LaVey is like reading about the Manson's. You saw it coming.

By  perdix  |  29

Did the list include "The Giving Tree," "Caddyshack" and "Candyland?" If she is missing any of those, tell your mom she is off her game, but that's probably Satan's fault that she missed these obvious tools of the Devil!

  Jaxx66  |  21

What about Sorry and Monopoly? Connect four can make horrible symbols. Also! Pokémon! They teach children to kill their parents and the Pokémon climb down parents throats and suffocate them... I read that in a news article one day... A preacher really preached that...