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Sounds like a keeper

Today, my boyfriend of 2 weeks said that he was going to cook me dinner. After waiting for the frozen pizza that he decided to make for me to be completely cooked, he said, "Oh I hate this part", reached into the oven with his bare hands and took out the pizza, all while screaming. He is 24. FML
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  frethelt  |  3

you never know.. maybe he just didnt know you were saposed to use potholders.. everyone grows up differently... my wife gets mad at me for just grabing stuff out of the oven, but im just used to it.. not so much now... she kinda baned me from the kitchen...

  Ameel_fml  |  19

#44: But judging by his "I hate this part" comment, it seems he has done this more than once.

Though I'm surprised he would have made that mistake more than once to begin with. Even if he doesn't know oven-mitts exist, why didn't he think to use SOMETHING to shield his hands? o.O

  MDTeddy  |  13

That isn't cooking dinner. I can make pasta. When I am hungry I cook and what I cook I usually don't share since I want to have leftovers unless I have a gf. I would share with her.

  Ki11erC  |  18

Assuming pizza is just on shelf and not a baking tray its very simple to pull out without anything. Still doesn't make up for the implication of cooking dinner which one does assume is more than this.

  sniken  |  14

I'm doing it wrong too then! Just grab the crust and pull it out over on a plate! No screaming or burns involved though, just quicker and more convenient then mitts.