Sounds like a keeper

By Anonymous - 11/04/2013 15:42 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 2 weeks said that he was going to cook me dinner. After waiting for the frozen pizza that he decided to make for me to be completely cooked, he said, "Oh I hate this part", reached into the oven with his bare hands and took out the pizza, all while screaming. He is 24. FML
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Does he have potholders or oven mits? If he does and just doesn't use them, he's stupid. If he doesn't have them, he's still stupid. Who does that?

You can't fix stupid. My god... Don't breed with him.


Does he have potholders or oven mits? If he does and just doesn't use them, he's stupid. If he doesn't have them, he's still stupid. Who does that?

He will learn his lesson (hopefully) when he burns his hands badly.

HowAreYouToday 34

he just wanted to demonstrate his burning love.

More importantly, how are his hands still there if he's done that his entire life?!

I'm more curious as to why the OP didn't try to stop him. If I saw someone doing that, I wouldn't just sit there and watch.

31 - Based on the information available, I doubt he's been cooking his entire life...

obviously he doesn't cook often!

Hey, my number is 229-518-4432, hit me up when you get tired of that dumbass

you never know.. maybe he just didnt know you were saposed to use potholders.. everyone grows up differently... my wife gets mad at me for just grabing stuff out of the oven, but im just used to it.. not so much now... she kinda baned me from the kitchen...

#44: But judging by his "I hate this part" comment, it seems he has done this more than once. Though I'm surprised he would have made that mistake more than once to begin with. Even if he doesn't know oven-mitts exist, why didn't he think to use SOMETHING to shield his hands? o.O

Your hands eventually become immune to the heat!

33 - I can't speak for OP, but I know I'd be too dumbstruck to say/do anything.

25 - you're genius

That isn't cooking dinner. I can make pasta. When I am hungry I cook and what I cook I usually don't share since I want to have leftovers unless I have a gf. I would share with her.

Assuming pizza is just on shelf and not a baking tray its very simple to pull out without anything. Still doesn't make up for the implication of cooking dinner which one does assume is more than this.

cool story bro

Stupid, but brave!!

I laughed pretty hard reading this. Not a lot of FMLs can do that!

He's definitely a keeper

He just wants to impress OP :)

Brave isn't the word I would use, perhaps foolish, or acompletefuckingdumbass would suffice.

-81 yea but you have to admit took some balls to do it too

Man stuff!! Yeah!

In any story you can put "stupid" in the place of brave, just hope for the best!

It's not brave if there is no fear due to being a complete fucking megatard

208, Oh you just made me lol with your word choice. Bravo.

Stupidity and "having the balls" to do something completely idiotic are one in the same.

You mean you aren't suppose to pull out pizza that way? Damn, I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

me to... lol.. my wife yells at me every time.. but id rather just grab it then try to find out were she put the pot holder...

The fact you seem serious worries me, 64.

64: you'd rather get second-degree burns than ask your wife a simple question...?

I would just like to take this opportunity to admire #127's ear.

That is indeed quite the fancy ear you've got there, 127..

Have you ever met 64's wife? I think if you did you would understand why he doesn't want to ask her.

I personally don't use oven mitts, but that's because it messes up the toppings. I use this wonderful thing called a spatula.

I'm doing it wrong too then! Just grab the crust and pull it out over on a plate! No screaming or burns involved though, just quicker and more convenient then mitts.

You can't fix stupid. My god... Don't breed with him.

I hope she's not an animal cause I'm pretty sure no matter how stupid humans are they still reproduce unless they're a science experiment.

Why hasn't natural selection kick in yet?

@45: Warning labels. Only reason natural selection doesn't work.

He hasn't stuck his head in the oven yet. In rime my friend. In time.

I gave you an upvote because it is clear what you meant and it made me chuckle. That being said, *time.

85, that's so obviously a typo that it just goes without saying.

It's tried...still in the process.

Because we killed natural selection by idiot-proofing EVERYTHING :/

Obviously not, have you read the FML.....

If he goes through that to cook you dinner, who knows what else he would do for you? Sounds like a keeper.

Because putting a frozen pizza in the oven is so hard?

121- I think Lothem meant the part where OPs boyfriend took the pizza out barehanded, not putting it in.

No. It's because he doesn't use oven mitts and still wants to make her food even though he knows it'll hurt. Sounds like a good guy. He's just not the smartest.

i totally agree

Yeah, Loyal BUT dumb as a brick

@132 He's got a big heart, just very little brains. XD

Not the smartest guy ever, but he might have other assets :)

Like a large organ

Obviously not his brain.

How would large lungs benefit his lover?

I'm pretty sure he meant a big liver. Those are pretty handy, man, just saying.

Large lungs mean more stamina.....and was probably developed from all that screaming

That's the manly way of cooking. I see nothing wrong here

#20 Women can't cook like men. Get back in the..... ummm.....

How about we igNoor that comment #20

How about we igNoor that #20

How bout we make the same comment twice.

C-c-c-c-combo breaker!

how about you all igShut the fuck up

40- living room? If the man is cooking, stands to reason the woman should be watching sports and drinking beer, right?

By now he probably doesn't have any fingerprints anymore!

Hey, that's a great plan. Now they'll never catch me after a jewel heist!

I misread that as Jew heist.

... I have to say I am nearly speechless... Teach him what to do in the kitchen OP, and consider not having children with him.

What a smart man. What an inspiring feat.