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By  MelTheGreat  |  23

omgz boys has teh c00tieZ eeewww lul datz grody im kinda stooped


37 as a woman I disagree with your comment. I could see how a woman that went through the oppression before equal rights could be sexist, but that was decades ago. Most countries now have equal rights not matter what gender. Women should not be sexist over problems they never had to endure.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

I agree with both of you to some degree, 37 and 39. While society's treatment of women has tremendously improved over the ages, the discrimination is not all gone. There's still a small gap to fill in western societies, and a giant one in other parts of the world, where gender inequality still rages on strong. Most feminists become such precisely because they have experienced some strong form of inequality. However, I think it has even more to do with collective mentality. Women still feel oppressed as a gender, collectively, even if not personally. The fact that we are still being treated poorly in some parts of the world, and by some people in our own, brings us down together. It's an interesting phenomenon, and one that needs to be viewed from multiple perspectives.