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Today, my boyfriend gave me a dutch oven, with my own fart. FML
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what the **** is a duty oven. i am not bothered to consult the urban dictionary

*Wafting* Everyone loves their own brand

21- I am also curious what a duty oven is, maybe you should look it up.

33- I was wondering the same thing. If a dutch oven consists of farts, I really don't want to know what a duty oven consists of.

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21 - If you can't be bothered to type a few letters and make a few clicks, then your desire to know is not strong enough. Unfortunately, your laziness is.

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A dutch over is an oil fryer. Basically a deep fryer in a stock pot.

Give him a dirty Sanchez... With his own shit!

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A Dutch oven is what I give your mom every night:)

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When you fart under a blanket and force another's head under the blanket and hold them there. Dutch oven.

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Maybe hes trying to tell her something.

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The Urban Dictionary defines Dutch Oven as: The act of trapping somebody under the bed sheets,after releasing vile ass fumes!

88- Can you also look up the definition of duty oven, 21 has made me curious

That's kind of the the whole point of a dirty Sanchez. She should give him one with her shit.

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A duty oven is possibly a dutch oven consisting of shit instead of farts

Wow, people do that? What are we toddlers?

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Perhaps is was so good that it was bad? Is there such a thing? If it works conversely, with terrible movies for example, maybe it could make sense this way too.

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Lie!!! Girls don't fart. (unless maybe you're a gay guy...)

omgz boys has teh c00tieZ eeewww lul datz grody im kinda stooped

If your going to insult every boy on here don't expect positive feedback...

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And girls are bred to be bitches, apparently. Or at least that's what your comment proves.

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37 as a woman I disagree with your comment. I could see how a woman that went through the oppression before equal rights could be sexist, but that was decades ago. Most countries now have equal rights not matter what gender. Women should not be sexist over problems they never had to endure.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I agree with both of you to some degree, 37 and 39. While society's treatment of women has tremendously improved over the ages, the discrimination is not all gone. There's still a small gap to fill in western societies, and a giant one in other parts of the world, where gender inequality still rages on strong. Most feminists become such precisely because they have experienced some strong form of inequality. However, I think it has even more to do with collective mentality. Women still feel oppressed as a gender, collectively, even if not personally. The fact that we are still being treated poorly in some parts of the world, and by some people in our own, brings us down together. It's an interesting phenomenon, and one that needs to be viewed from multiple perspectives.

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18 - but actually 32 - **** off (and that isn't breeding, that's annoyance)

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68- your comment just made us women look worse now were not only sexist bitches were also now stupid good job -.-

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8, Get off of the Internet. Now.

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Your English teacher must be proud.

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This is why you don't come on FML drunk or high.

I find this comment quite funny for some reason...

I don't understand a thing that you just typed… Seems someone forgot their grammar rules!

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I would have said something very witty, but I'm still trying to figure out what your comment said.

Jesus Christ, all that gramma fascism has made you people joke and sarcasm impaired

A good way to see if it's sarcasm or just stupidity is to check the profile to see if it matches the comment… yeah, this person is trolling you, haha.

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I use to talk like that Then I took an arrow to the knee

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How has this not been removed yet? Isn't there some kind of rule that prevents you from text talk or whatever the hell this is?

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I was trying to find something smart to say, but i don't understand what she said.....

Funniest part is that fact that her bio says she's an English teacher and a grammar nazi

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Should have held it in.. Oh well, too late now!

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"Watch out, I'm gonna... uh oh."

CalCommando 6

"Watch out, I'm gonna... uh oh."

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If you gotta fart, fart. Everybody does it there's no shame in it. Besides, if you hold it in it just makes your stomach hurt.

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Should be called a German oven in some circumstances...

Moderator - comment nuke requested above, please. Not funny. Not at all.

Wasn't trying to be offensive... Moderator, please delete. I apologize, folks.

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Bring him down with you next time?

Not really I give (her) Dutch ovens all the time

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Can I jump in your boobs and give them a Dutch oven?