Chill out, dude

By Anonymous - 14/08/2012 00:55 - Australia - Queanbeyan

Today, my son displayed an interest in chess, and asked me to teach him to play. Five minutes in, I captured his queen. He screamed "SCREW THIS STUPID GAME", slammed his fist down on his pieces, and started crying because of the pain. He's fourteen years-old. FML
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This is why you play chess on the Internet.

Chess is intense.


This is why you play chess on the Internet.

That would be smart if OP wanted a smashed computer screen and an even whinier son and possibly a trip the emergency room.

just_dandy20 2

Your son sounds like a little punk.

Sure. Because slamming a fist into a computer is much less damaging. (Oops, a minute too late. Sorry.)

The good part of it on the computer is that it shows you where you can move and how many steps you take.

But the OP's son sounds like the type of person who would exit out of the game just when the opposing player is about to win. (Technically) no losses = no injured fists and computer screens.

RedPillSucks 31

And you can set the level of play low enough that you can beat it. Once you get better, you can increase the level of play.

Of shit I messed up "undue"

And you can be best friends with the info button when your queen gets taken!

Yeah, that would definitely go SO much better. "oMG ITS NOT CHECKMATE U FUKEN N00B!!1"

perdix 29

Obviously! When I get my queen captured, I can cry all I want and no one can tell.

I have never been able to beat the computer on hard without cheating. I swear it's impossible.

79 - How do you cheat in chess?

91 move the CPUs pieces around when the computer isn't looking

perdix 29

#91, I secretly bring in the Scottie Dog from Monopoly and call it The Duke. The Duke can move once during your move or three times during the opponent's move, and it can pee on any opposing piece.

91 - It can tell you what the best move is, or you can undo a move.

PhishloverA 14

No #1, then someone would capture his queen on there and he'd punch the screen

Sorry not info, I meant undo. My fault

undo not undue

Chess is intense.

Not as intense as checkers

wyattshack 4

Don't forget shuffle board

Psych101 9

Especially chess with live players. Reference to Community or Harry Potter, take your pick.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

46- The most insane chess is when it uses human lives. Reference to the Norway killer.

*Sigh* Last two guys ruined it...

Y'all just need some Chex mix.

Live Chess in Doctor Who :) (I'm probably the only Whovian here... But wtv)

BunchieRules 31

2 - That reminds me of that Geico commercial where the loud announcer is narrating the chess game (I can't remember his name)... he can make anything more intense.

I was thinking about that also!

I love Doctor Who, too. :)

CountDuk 5

Understandable. Chess is a frustrating game. I would probably have grey hair if I played constantly.

have you tried introducing him to tic tac toe? ( I hear it is much like chess, but without pointy/sharp objects..)

I agree with #97

14 is a good time

Sounds like something my family would do ..

I used to do that, but not since I was four or five.

You mean your daughter and it's her "special time of the month"

No. She said son but maybe it's his special time of the month.

It was a joke because guys can't get a period smh

astralvagan 20

Technically speaking, men do not menstruate..... But we do go through a couple of days out of the month when our hormones are all out of whack.... It isn't pms, but it is along the same lines.

That's just low, dude....

Ahhh hormones. The moon does all that stuff to them.

Because calling their son a girl is really funny.

stevenJB 25

Lol my girlfriend ALWAYS beats me at chess....damnit. XD

ally123123 2

Hahahahaha come on always u haven't won once

This is why punctuation is important.

Temper tantrums at 14??

Emily9352 13

My sister is 17 and she has temper tantrums.

I'm 14, but really? Some kids are ridiculous. Makes me wish there were better parents put there.

you can't blame it all on the parents because kids have small fits of rage. hormones happen, also disorders and many even mental illness. consider taking some blame in life.

What a weenie.

Alan2 24

I wish 6 had made this comment lol

Haha yeah that would go perfect with his picture.

imavelociraptor 6

Weenie hut jr???

Hey everybody it's ALAN! Wait a minute, he's not Alan. PHONY, big fat phony!

He needs to go to Super Weenie Hut JR.

technochik3 12

spongebob is awesome!!!

He should get some help for his anger issues! He shouldn't lose it over a game of chess.

amandajlucas2015 2

He's probably very competitive and a sore loser.. I happen to be like that and they aren't always the best combination.. I have just learned to win but however when I do lose I usually just walk away angry lol never really slamming my fist he's just a really sore loser lol

connerwonner 7

Cool story bro

50- I think it's a little bit more than just being a sore loser when he's slamming his fist and stuff... Sounds like he has some anger issues.

Check mate. You probably had to clean up...