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  americayay  |  0

Agreed 93. Not an FML. There seems to be a trend going around where instead of posting FMLs, people bitch and moan because their significant others have a sense of humor, which is stupid and boring.

  wienerwagon  |  0

This is TOTALLY an FML and I'd be pretty pissed off if it happened to me. What kind of faggot wouldn't have gone with the classic "It's morphin' time!"?

  HahaYDI  |  0

I feel like 90% of these OP's "significant others" are freaking awesome, how come I dont meet anyone that awesome? You guys don't deserve them lol

  tharimau  |  2

...This is an FML jacked word-for-word from a French one posted a while back.

" Aujourd'hui, je faisais l'amour avec mon copain. Quand nous avons changé de position, il a crié : "Transformation Power Rangers !" VDM"

lame. lamer that I know that though...

  Zackzerz  |  0

To #20, just because it was on youtube doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Maybe the OP's bf saw it on youtube and did it. You gatta think before you say things like that.

  Ox_Baker  |  0

This is a stupid FML. I mean, if it really bothered her, she's a total hypocrite for inspiring thousands of guys to do the same thing to their girlfriends. If it didn't bother her, it's not an FML.

  syraxthered  |  5

That loser, it's not even the right catch phrase. When they put on the uniforms it's "It's morphing time" and when they call the zords it's "Megazord Power!"

  fed_life  |  0

hilarious... if he actually got it right :P.... FML for u coz ur bf doesnt know the difference between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and transformers


Awesome. Just awesome.

Yeah, OP, tell your boyfriend to go study up and learn his stuff. Transformers transform. Power Rangers say stuff like, "It's morphin' time!".

:P :P