By Blonde - 11/03/2015 03:03 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I googled for an hour how to open my CD player on my laptop. Turns out, there is none. They just put a space there to make it look like a CD player. FML
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The CD player was a lie.

CD's have gone the way of the floppy disk! LONG LIVE THE USB!


The CD player was a lie.

Am I missing a pun or joke here?

IAmzephyr 22

reference from the game portal, #40. the original line was 'the cake is a lie'

and a history too..

They can be purchased for $20 on amazon and there usb

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Like my school laptop Microsoft provides us.

lowkeybelieber 7

Yep. They do that OP. Should've looked harder at the specs before you bought it. YDI

MehNameIsJuan 15

Same happened to me , except it was a port

Yup, have to agree here. This is why you shouldn't buy the $300 "walmart special" laptops. You get what you pay for. That said, with the advent of ultrabooks, optical drives are on their way out. I'd suggest the OP simply pick up an external drive.

I did the same thing before, pissed me off when I finally realized it

bahamut357 16

My sister did the same thing. She flipped her shit and then went looking for an external CD drive

CD's have gone the way of the floppy disk! LONG LIVE THE USB!

Cloud master race

I hope now you'll make sure you know what you're buying in future purchases.

That's something you should have checked before you bought the computer.

he could have ordered it online and just seen a picture of the CD drive and assumed it worked, you never know

#28 i believe that was the exact reason why he said they should have checked it.

I'm just saying because if it looks like it has one it's not usually something you give a second thought, oh well.

41 - Yes, that's the point: always look at the specs.

Virtual cd drive fooled you! Haha . I've been there though, but gave up after looking in a few minutes .

The gremlins stole your CD player.

My old ass laptop still has a CD player ::::(

Homestuck Trash

Not having a CD player is a relatively new thing. OP likely has a cheap netbook, or Chromebook.

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I still have an old IBM (the brand, kids, not a condition where you poop a lot...) computer in my basement that only has a floppy drive... The big floppy drive when they were literally floppy lol God, now I feel old.

The condition where you poop a lot is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), not IBM. Maybe you're not as old as you feel #63.

I've been in a similar situation. Spent ages trying to find my cd player on my Golf. Turns out its stashed in the glovebox. :/

How convenient... Reminds me of my 6-disc CD changer in my 1992 Cavalier. It was in the trunk.

At least it carries a whopping 6 discs so you don't have to go back there to change it often. If you need more variety than that, you can pay a kid to sit in the trunk and give him a walkie talkie. Then you'd have a voice activated CD changer! Nifty.

Now you're talkin'! I know what my kids will be doing to earn their allowance now!