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Today, I had to once again lie to a customer about why I was the only one manning the shop, saying that they must have run out for lunch - my coworkers were too busy getting stoned in their cars to do their job. FML
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OP here. I don't use this site enough to know that I needed an account to reply... I'm a barber. We're all independent contractors and we don't make money unless we're physically working. I make good money and have no intention of quitting; my problem with my coworkers getting stoned is that customers have an unnecessary wait time when they should be able to be served immediately, and when they do come back in, it looks bad on everyone as a whole for them to smell like that on the clock - an no, they're perfumes aren't cloaking it. The boss knows they smoke, she knows they smoke on the clock, but when anyone tells her that someone is being lax, her response is "well more money for you, then." Again, that's not the problem I'm having. I actually like my job, and I want customers to actually have a good experience when they're there. With what my coworkers are doing, they're not. Also, it's an independent store. There is no HR, no corporate, just the woman who owns the business itself - she's the only boss.

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oddities 20

You shouldn't cover for their asses anymore. If they wanna get stoned while you work, they should have to deal with the consequences. Next time, you should tell the customer the truth. If you can't bring yourself to report your coworkers, the customer might. You've gotta at least try.

still sucks, if I was a customer and saw your co-workers stoned whilst on the job I'd leave and go find a different shop. You say you're making good money, so I assume you've built a decent client base who come to the shop to be served by you.


jojimugo 20

Eff that time to clue in the boss on what's going on.

badluckalex 23

or report them and get them fired.. that sucks, sorry op.

or Just go sit in their car, apparently nobody take this job seriously, and you are probably not ppaid enough to cover all your coworker. and well i guest this mean finding à New job too xD

What if the boss smokes too? I knew one that did with the coworkers.

47 brings up a good point. I had an old boss that would allow people to go take breaks to get stoned. so it depends on if the boss already knows or not. If they do, and don't care op provably shouldn't waste any more time there and just tell the customer the truth. and also find a new job.

workingzombie13 6

that never works I've been through the same ordeal in fact it may get him fired for trash talking about his coworkers I've caught coworkers stealing, on **** sites, flirting with under aged girls, playing games on cell phones, and drinking on the job the reportee is more likely going to get into trouble. he needs to find a better job

I'm just here thinking about how leisure this persons day is, being able to slack off and get high while OP just covers for them at work.

oddities 20

You shouldn't cover for their asses anymore. If they wanna get stoned while you work, they should have to deal with the consequences. Next time, you should tell the customer the truth. If you can't bring yourself to report your coworkers, the customer might. You've gotta at least try.

But is it right to tell the customer? Obviously tell the boss. Telling customers may accomplish nothing more except hurting business as collateral damage.

It's not such a good idea to tell a Customer what would they do anyways? It's better to inform the boss

oddities 20

I said IF OP couldn't work up the nerve to report it to the boss herself. Judging by the fact that she's covered for them before (seemingly on multiple occasions), it doesn't seem too likely that she will anytime soon. And the customer can easily report such a thing with a phone call, haven't you ever noticed how most establishments will leave a phone number on the receipt to give feedback? And some places just have those little cards left out for you to give feedback on.

Oh I realize you said that, but I think it is just obvious that he boss is the one who needs to be told. Customers shouldn't be told about something like that because it could hurt the business and have word get around that people shouldn't go there because a bunch of stoners work there. It's a business affair and I don't think it's right to bring the customer into this.

#3, I wouldn't tell the customer that. They would have a negative view of the company and not shop there anymore. I would only tell the managers.

CammyGal 26

Don't let that kind of stuff go unnoticed, OP! Don't you have a boss or someone you can tell?

The boss is in the car getting stoned too

sweetnsourrr 11

#59 Nobody likes a lazyass..

#59's logic: Hey I'm gonna go out to my car and get high while leaving you here to do my job, but if you get me fired for it you're a snitch and nobody will like you. ***RETARD ALERT***

mvc3ftw 17

Nobody likes a bitch either 59. So GTFO

Rainhawk94 27

#82 whoah man, who shit in your Cheerios this morning

Then bring it to the boss. That's not cool during work hours.

What if the boss is getting stoned with him

It's an opinion. Regardless, shouldn't be blazing when you're supposed to be working. Even I wouldn't do that shit at work. Maybe go into work a little high, but never while I'm at work. What if someone sees? While the coworkers might not care, it could hurt business. I guess some people just don't know how to common sense.

euphoricness 28

What is their problem?? They don't even invite you? Shame on them!

I disagree with you, 2. It's not the customers' problem, or their business, and will make OP look super unprofessional. Report it to a manager, or your HR or your confidential complaint hotline. Every company has one, I'm pretty sure it's legally required. Sorry you have to put up with it though!

You must be tons of fun at parties. Pardon me, kid. I didn't think to use it, seeing as I was the next commenter in line when I clicked "Comment".

missyfiona89 28

With that attitude, I can totally see you as the life of most parties. You go girl!

meli1195 31

#20, you're like 13, how could you be the life of the party of little kids and try some modesty

"Most popular kid at school". You keep telling yourself that, honey. In regards to friends, it's quality, not quantity. Plus you just made yourself look very stuck up. Stop whilst you can.

In the real one gives a shit if you are/were the most popular kid in are in for a ruuuuddddeeee awakening lol

friedpwnadge 25

Thumbing down people like #7's comments is what makes me feel good. If you're a royal douche then sticking up for yourself is the worst you can do. An apology is simpler, and shows you aren't completely stuck up.

I wonder if this goes both ways and #20 brags at school about being the most popular girl on FML.

#20 how were you even comfortable hitting reply after starting with such a stuck up statement. You're 13, still in junior high. No one cares about how many friends you have except you, and that just screams low self-esteem at a very young age...

Hey, no hard feelings. Being the most popular kid at Coolsville Junior High must be exhausting! PS, aren't you proud of me? I seem to have mastered the reply button! Go tell your multitude of friends that you single-handedly started an online reform!

Way to be responsible! and when someone in charge finds out what they're doing you will probably get a promotion. keep your head up!(:

It is irresponsible to cover for them and not inform the manager. If the OP doesn't get reprimanded as well when the manager eventually finds out, then at the very least she won't be getting that promotion. You can't cover for your coworkers and expect your manager to see that as a good thing.

how would her boss have any idea she knew about it?

Maybe because they were gone frequently and she never said a thing?

What kind of job is this? I hope they're not building pacemakers or operating heavy equipment.

missyfiona89 28

Get them fired for getting stoned on the job, and you'll be the most appreciated employee when they're all gone. Time for a promotion perhaps?