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Today, my suburban, white boyfriend of two years told me he wanted to tell me something serious. He sat me down, looked me in the eye and said "I want to be gangster." I started laughing thinking he was joking. He was 100% serious. FML
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"I wanna roll with, The gangstas, But oh, no, they all think I'm too white and nerdy"

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Maybe he's thinking you'll support him and buy some bling too.


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Hey! I'll have you know that being a gangster is an excellent way to go nowhere in life.

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You don't see too many cacasion, gay gansters...nothing wrong with it I suppose, I mean being gay or cacasion...

If you can't spell caucasian then maybe you should just put white.

According to what it says, that would be true, though offensive. It says OP is a man, and he has a boyfriend.

buy him an eminem cd for next holiday

LMAO thats hilarious. Good luck with him

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whoa, ur so right! way to make fun of someone for something they cant help that isnt even a big deal, 112!

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No worries!! Eminem is a white gangster perefect example!!! :)

WTF, you have no right to say things like that, especially on a public website! If you don't like homosexuality, fine! But keep it to yourself, because nobody wants to hear your ******* insulting ranting! Being gay doesn't mean your a bad person, he's probably a better person than you, because you apparently have nothing better to do than sit around on your computer and make derogatory comments towards someone you don't even know! Being gay is just something that you are, you can't help it! And there's nothing wrong with it! I'm straight, but I'm sick of all you ******* morons making comments like this. There are some really nice, and amazing gay people out there. And this goes for all you homophobes, because I don't have time to go curse all of you off: **** off, mind your own business, and get a life!

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somebodys gay. #269. ******!

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i think 269's a fag and probly a ******

269, "you have no right to say something like that, especially on a public website." Uh, what? That's the dumbest thing I've heard all day. It's a public website, he has EVERY right to say that. He shouldn't and it makes him look like an asshole, but he still had the right to.

Actually, #295. Assuming he lives in the United States, "fighting words" and insults are not protected in the first amendment. So no. He has no right to insult him because the OP may or may not be a homosexual.

I think the word your looking for is "Harrassment" and considering we have the rights to our own opinions. No matter how stupid. He can say whatever he wants. As he wasn't being specific.

You can actually go one of two places once you become a gangster: jail or six feet underground.

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Maybe he's thinking you'll support him and buy some bling too.

Not sure where the gangster = non-white thing came from, but you're right that it's kind of out of place in the suburban lifestyle. Try talking to him about it. I wouldn't be surprised if he feels like he needs to act tougher to compensate for any insecurities he may have.

I agree, it bothers me quite a bit how people assume all gangsters are black or Mexican and that 'black' and 'ghetto' are synonymous. People tell me I "talk white," when I'm really just educated... Lol

"I wanna roll with, The gangstas, But oh, no, they all think I'm too white and nerdy"

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Lol a gay If he goes to jail he'll drop the soap for sureee.

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LOL YES! haha love that song

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The first original hardcore and still infamous gangsters were white.

Well... It's better than wanting to be a superhero :D

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Well, if I could be a superhero, I'd be Ghetto Gangsta Guy! I'd walk around the streets shooting up wangstas trying to get high! Yay Stephen Lynch :) But you should play "I'm a Gangster" by Adam and Andrew everytime your boyfriend walks into the room xP

hahahahahahaha , my ex bf who is super adorable and preppy tried to go all G too.