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I don't really see the problem with this, if it isn't a long distance relationship then you both are fine. It isn't that unusual to not want to go on a two hour long drive, and I'm sure he'll be there at that airport waiting when you get back. Also if you spent the day before together, or some day close to the date you were leaving, you shouldn't be too upset about it. Time flies when you're someplace exciting, and you'll be back before you know it :)

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

Exactly 29. Like, would YOU want to drive 2 hours to the airport just to drive 2 hours back after spending 5 minute saying goodbye to them in the airport? There's no point if you're not going with them.

  mads_fml  |  7

It depends. There's a huge difference between laziness and sabotage.

I went to study abroad in the middle of my relationship with my Ex. He always moaned about the drive to the airport - even though regularly drove a ton for fun. What it really was was him being emotional that I was leaving. This could potentially be the case for OP's boyfriend. However, if he attempts to sabotage her leaving with this, as my ex did, she should consider breaking it off.

  Ms_ValS  |  27

#3 She already is denying him sex for 3 months.

#9 This. He doesn't miss you and couldn't even bring himself to pretend that he would because he's looking forward to all that he will be doing while you are gone.