By DreeStahr - 30/09/2016 04:05 - United States - Liberty

Today, I was texting my boyfriend and things were getting a little steamy. He said, "I really want you right now." So, of course, I told him to come over. To which he replied, "Nah." FML
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Can't have wanted you that badly then.

That fucking tease.


Can't have wanted you that badly then.

Maybe he expected you to go to him

That fucking tease.

keep the slow burn going until the next time you'll be together, the build-up can be fun until then

Diamond_don 18

He missed out

What a troll you're dating

Just say the same thing next time he wants sex.

I agree. If he wants to be a tease, then be a tease the next time.

MoroseMoose 47

This is what I was thinking. Get him all worked up until he's begging for it. "Nah."

Maybe he was busy doing something you never know man

Goblin182 26

On my way, Babe

I've had a guy tell me I could ask him for anything I wanted when I wanted it because I was always good at doing things with him. The first time I worked up the nerve to ask him and he tells me he doesn't feel like it because it's too easy and it puts him off. That really tore into me and I stopped chatting with him. Why say something if you're not going to fulfill it?

that's like choosing porn over the real thing... don't understand this one OP, sorry