By blink_kid - 10/08/2012 12:57 - United Kingdom - Bathgate

Today, my boyfriend, who lives 100 miles away and whom I haven't seen in 2 months, told me he was visiting my city with some friends. I assumed this was an opening to an invitation, but no, he just asked me about the best places to get drunk. FML
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Give him the addresses to all the most popular gay strip bars. That should make his night.

I'm sure he really does care about you. He just has to be drunk first.


dirton89 7

Oh dear -_- we have a other one folks

I'm sure he really does care about you. He just has to be drunk first.

Only way to win his hart is send him a nude picture holding a delicious sandwich.

What's so bad about having a guys' night out?

If he lives that far away and he hasn't seen her for so long, don't you think it's more important to spend time with her before having a 'guys night out'?

Nothing if it's occasional but the fact they haven't seen each other in two months makes it wrong. He should of went to the city to see her not get drunk with friends.

I would have let him know of the best possible place to get drunk, and then follow it up with, I hope you get so drunk you jump off a bridge.

72- that was possibly one of the most confusing personal info's I have read.

tjv3 10

I wouldn't think the he considers you his gf OP. since he hasn't seen you in 2 months and is coming to town and isn't seeing you

jillybee101 7

These undies give me a horrible wedgie.

He's not visiting friends in her city. He's visiting her city WITH friends. It doesn't say why he's visiting, but he's probably visiting for the purpose of barhopping with his friends, and therefore won't have a chance to see op.

GothInside 6

My thoughts exactly! Plus 100 miles isn't all THAT far away to go 2 months without seeing each other....unless the relationship is indeed one-sided

Good idea 4. I think it's time for a new bf OP. Long distance relationships don't usually work out well do try someone where you live. Maybe someone sober this time.

julygirl18 8

Give him the address to a gay strip bar. That will get his attention to come and visit you.

KiiwiiRox 6

That's messed up. What kind of boyfriend does that? At least he could have just stopped by.

Perhaps he isn't aware they are still in a relationship?

amandajlucas2015 2

Me and my bf live over 100 miles apart and still manage too see each other every two to three weeks so two months is just sad

#5, Q: What kind of boyfriend does that? A: The soon-to-be-ex kind (I hope).

48- Yea some people have a daily commute of 100 miles or longer. If my girl was only 100 miles away I would be driving to see her every weekend. But maybe I missed the part where cars don't exist in UK.

Give him the addresses to all the most popular gay strip bars. That should make his night.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

He might enjoy those bars a little to much. Then we'd have another fml from the OP haha.

They'd both be happier in the long run, though...

blink_kid 32

Yeah OP you do that. Then please dump this looser. He sounds like a child and you deserve better!

KiiwiiRox 6

Nobody likes a person that says first! Just so you know #1

Maybe it's time to find someone local..

AppallingRogue 2

Sigh don't say that cause I'll lose hope too. My girlfriend lives two thousand miles away. Long distance isn't easy but you make due if you really love the person.

fucking_dev 2

ouch .. 2 thousand miles away seems like forever .... I feel you though mine lives about three hours away & it's still pretty rough .

What an asshole. He better be surprising you the day after he had his friends outing or he's pretty much the lamest guy on earth.