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Today, my sister told me that she read that the pain of giving birth is equal to the pain of breaking 20 bones at once. I'm 19 weeks pregnant. FML
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SlyTail 5

Well, there's no turning back now.

Just take the drugs when they offer them, the epidural may hurt at first but it's so worth it


SlyTail 5

Well, there's no turning back now.

cyns0_oaSailor 0

Obviously you don't know what an abortion is. It's turning back.

MizzErikaHart 8

Its not as painful as ur sister described.

LiveLaughFML 10

it'll be worth it when you're cradling the bundle of joy in your arms, the bundle of joy that came out of your stomach or ****** that was a pain equivilance to that of breaking twenty bones. ;)

fthislyfe 22

43: Yes it is! Even more. My mom once described: It's so painful that you want to grab a knife and cut your own belly to take that out! She couldn't even feel her ****** being cut. Because the pain was too much it was nothing compared to it. Good luck

crystalbluewolf 3

obviously you don't know that it's illegal to have an abortion after 3months or 12weeks mr. smarty.

marpay 11

54- depends on where you live. Some states will allow them to be done up to 24 weeks. Unless there are major complications and then they can do them after the 24 week mark.

I feel like I'm on Law an Order SVU with all this abortion talk.

ikickgingers 15

You should have adopted a ginger kid.

I have read studies that say kidney stones are the highest on the pain charts.

drawmesunshine 17

61 is right about the complications. I had a friend once you was into her third trimester when she learned of some severe developmental problems, and she had to decide between an abortion and a child with special needs. Late abortions are possible, but only under certain circumstances.

Marcella1016 31

80 - That might apply just to males, not to both sexes. I could be wrong, but I imagine passing a kidney stone doesn't feel like breaking 20 bones... On a related note, I've heard somewhere that the closest a guy can feel to labor pains is that pain he gets when kicked in the gonads. True??

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP it really just depends on how you think it is going to be. Some women say it hurts like hell and some say it was bearable. If you go into the hospital thinking your going to go through the worst pain of your life then that is what you're going to experience. I gave birth to an eight and a half pound baby at 5'3 105lbs pre-pregnancy and for me it wasn't that bad. My labor only lasted four hours and I was induced. He had the cord wrapped around his neck which is common. When it was all over I actually wished it lasted longer then it did, maybe it will with my second lol. My friend didn't do as much as I did to prepare her body for labor and was going in expecting something awful, she already knew she wanted the epidural. She labored for 18+hours and ended up needing a c-section. It may sound really stupid but trust me it really matters how you look at things. It won't last that long and your beautiful baby will be so worth it!! Just keep thinking about what s/he is going too look like, how big, what color of hair if any, chubby or not/ eye color: what s/he will sound like, if they are going to cry right when they are born or not. It will fly by and before you know it the nurse will be telling you that you're ready to push!! Oh and when you do push it's not really like pushing a poo out it's like doing a sit up or a cannon ball

Randuhh_17 4

Abortion for your own selfishness is wrong, and I'll just leave it at that. And it is said that passing a kidney stone, is second to giving birth. A kick in the groin might bring a guy down, but don't compare it to birth. As for what your sister says, don't listen, thats what an epidural is for.

Not too far off!!! It's kind of like that one shit that's really ginormous and you have to work at for a little while, but when you do get it out you feel incredibly relieved and accomplished lol. Get an epidural, you'll be fine. :o)

remz89 3

It isn't that bad, you just feel extremely constipated. I just gave birth a month ago and had a natural delivery. All you got to pray for is not tearing... I found the stitches to be way more painful then actual labor....

derecteevee 1

most women have multiple kids, so the reward has to be well worth the effort. congrats

superpacker85 0

oh yea it hurts i get it from my friend thats a girl all the time but she never seems to do it on purpose....

I've heard that once you see your baby, you won't remember the pain, otherwise I don't think women would have more than 1 child

Streeet_hayley 6

I wouldn't make her the godmother..

MsMeiriona 2

107 I wouldn't be surprised if cluster headaches were the worst. When mine kick in I have to take something to knock me out for the duration.

I personally didn't have any medication with my son. Contractions hurt but it passed pretty quickly for me. Good luck!

Boredumm 6

Wish i hadnt read this my baby is due in 6 days... Maybe you should try water birth if you can, i heard it makes it less painful, and more soothing

jhashj 0

That study was probably done by a man who, like all men, are incapable of having a child. I've had 2 kidney stones and a 7lb 7oz baby with an epidural. The 6 hours before the epidural that I was in a force labor were the most painful hours of my life. I've fallen out of a moving car, had two broken bones, and have fallen down a flight of stairs and landed on my face... Still no comparison to the pain of contractions and a thining cervix

Seriously? My daughter is ginger and she is gorgeous, everybody says so. People stop me in the street and tell me how beautiful she is, and that her hair is amazing. Don't be a dick.

i Gagree 45 hours of labor before i got an epidural then 3 hours later dr told me he was going to give me a c section that he figured i would be one the first time he saw me. its all in how you look at pain. its really not that bad.

96- I heard it was like trying to pee out something the size of a lemon, for a guy... I'm not sure which is correct, but the lemon theory sounds more accurate to me because it sounds like someone probably did a ratio-type-thingy to figure it out...

elliebelly2 2

If you use the epidural then your just a scared little bitch. The same way you had the balls to have sex and make that baby, then you should have balls to push that baby through NATURALLY!

Just take the drugs when they offer them, the epidural may hurt at first but it's so worth it

My wife had an epidural and has had back problems ever since. Our son is 30. Of course, it was done poorly by some intern. Make sure the person has experience instead of experiment.

I've had 3 epidurals and do not have any back pain. There's bad stories about them but good ones too

morgan020 0

I didnt have any issues with mine except I had several contractions while they were doing it and that was an interesting experience. Didn't hurt, well any more than the contractions did. I was just glad when it was all over and I could get some rest.

krazy_glu3 0

Had two epidurals. Didn't feel a thing. The only part that hurt was when they ripped the tape off afterwards ha. It's not that bad, I've had two kids and it was easy. Second one wasn't as fun bc I woke up at 2-3am with horrible contractions. Not gunna lie, that shit HURTS. Get the epidural and you'll have NO problems :]

SteelCladAngel 0

I had an epidural and it slowed my labor. I was having contractions for 17 ******* hours and they had to give me ephedrine twice to speed my heart back up to a safe speed... Second baby I had no epidural, contractions for 3 hours, pushed for less than 10 minutes and healed faster after... This was at a GOOD hospital

I had a natural birth and I slept through most of it had my LO 5 months ago it's not as bad as most woman make it out to be I was scared until it actually happened and was surprised how well it went

sillyjb 9

Your sister is a real peach lol

brrarm 17

The worst horror stories of childbirth you are told when you are 4+ months pregnant! They couldn't tell them to you at other times when you could be just curious!

I don't think the sister was all that bad. Maybe she's just trying to mentally prepare her. This can't be the first OP has heard about childbirth being painful.

It depends on which bones get broken...

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Your first point is true. The memory of the full extent of the pain is dulled; it's a documented fact you can look up. But even women who go through it and know that the pain is extremely bad still often have second children. Especially back when birth control options were much less effective. But OP, you can take some comfort in the fact that the experience is different for everyone, people have different levels of pain tolerance, and modern drugs are a huge help.

ICaughtFire 4

I've always thought about it as "If that many other woman can do it, and still live, then it can't be that bad." I'm not denying that it's painful, I'm just saying that if it was truly unbearable, women wouldn't go through with it. I've never had children, though, so I can't say for sure.

rexgar2000 10

15, I didn't understand that when I was pregnant. My daughter was born via c-sec due to complications after I'd been in labor for 18 hours with only 2 hours under an epi. The only pain I remember is the recovery from the c-sec. It's mostly scary because it's unknown.

a_nutritionist 10

@25 no. people still give birth in situations of poverty, knowing they cant care for themselves let alone a child. a lot of people dont think ahead about consequences, then they end up in the shit.

How does that relate to what she was saying?

a_nutritionist 10

ill spell it out for you: "I'm just saying that if it was truly unbearable, women wouldn't go through with it." people dont think about consequences, just the positives. how do you not make the obvious link?

pichan_fml 11

Well good luck with that... :-/

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Pretty sure you dont just choose to have a c section...

thiscrazything 1

Pretty sure there is alot of pain with that, too

You can chose to get one, but since theyre normally done im emergency situations once you get a c section any children you have in the future have to be delivered in the same way. No natural childbirth.

Nowadays, if you let yourself recover enough between having children, you may be able to have a baby naturally even after having a c-section. Giving birth scares me, though. I've had to watch a few videos in college... And every time I tense up, and basically hyperventilate/want to throw up.

#62 - My stepmother had a c-section with my brother, and my sister following was born via a 'normal' birth. It is possible.

nc21690 19

Actually you can my doctor told me if I request a c section legally he has to perform it

Wow, there is always so much misinformation strewn about in these medical-related FMLs. Hooboy, where to start? Cheesecakee - you can indeed request a C-section. bananabuttercup - you can still do vaginal delivery after a C-section. Google "VBAC" if you want to know more.

DoorMatCat 3

32- you CAN choose to have a c-section, regardless of whether or not its an emergency.

brrarm 17

Who said C-section is not painful?:) fun begins when anesthesia decides not to affect some areas of your abdomen!

I was sideways and my little brother was feet first. No other choice but a C-section for my mom. Also, we're 8 years apart

Caesarian usually has a longer recovery process and is way more painful AFTER the baby is out than the process of vaginal delivery whereas the pain is during labor and you recover pretty damn fast. Women survived childbirth for centuries, we're still here;) OP, don't you worry, once that little bundle of joy is in your arms, you'll see that the hard work and pain was worth it :)

My mother used 72hours to get me out, i was breached, but she didn't have to get a c-section, juuust hella lot of epidural

Actually you can still try for a natural birth, unless the babying breech, you can still have a natural birth after a cesarean. It's called a VBAC.

40 - Not only a lot of pain but a hell of a lot longer healing time, I was barely able to walk after mine

"To lessen the pain, can you cut my stomach open instead?"

actually, no. you can opt for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). nowadays OBs are even willing to let women try for vba2c.

Actually you can though I wouldn't recommend it

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Get an abortion if its that bad or stop complaining you are bringing a human into the world

Madiluvsyuh98 2
perdix 29

You let one bone in and then it feels like breaking 20? That's some return on investment! Did your sister also read how many broken bones it feels like to send said child to college? Even a state school must feel like getting kneecapped and a crushed skull.

ICaughtFire 4

Your first sentence is an absolute winner. I love it!

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