By eeelise5296 - 01/03/2012 20:39 - United States

Today, my boyfriend sent me a picture. In the mirror I could see a bra and thong sitting on his bed. They weren't mine. FML
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Perhaps they belong to his sister, Brittany.

Maybe he bought them for you as a gift :)


Maybe he bought them for you as a gift :)

Viciousstorms 7

Or they're his and OP doesn't know about his cross dressing habit.

Maybe you should send him a picture back with some boxers that aren't his?

shanemaximo 7

Get a guy to take a picture of himself in the mirror and text it to him from your phone.

FinJage 18

Think, how unrealistic that sounds.

Your boyfriend is a dumbass... Stating the obvious

ieatcats 0

i swear i didnt have sex woth sarah!

Oh_Hayy_Its_Lex 10

^...It says 'Today', does it not? how could she NOT remember that?

Liindaaax3 4

Gift?? so they should of been wrap.. His busted not to smart the guy

The irony here is screaming at me.

Perhaps they belong to his sister, Brittany.

Lol Op's bf yells his sisters name during sex.

Haha you're my hero now

blackbelt25 12

Honestly, props to you for remembering that FML.

Torva_fml 16

It's one of the top FML's, don't really need to remember it.

I wish I could thumb you up more than once.

jester613 2

Maybe they are his. He might be cross dressing when you two aren't together.

And that is really hot, OP. If that's the case, you are very lucky.

Yeah I agree. It was a picture taken purposefully to incite dirty thoughts.

omarzrgz 3

Wait do what would be worse? That he is cheating on her, or that he cross dresses?

I agree with 3, this was definitely his way of telling you. Those things can be hard to bring up!

SignUpisntcool 3

Makes you feel weird,doesnt it?

Viciousstorms 7

Your pic makes me feel weird

4- How about no?! ... You creepy Dutch bastard.

Darn. Sorry OP

Jakesterk96 8


Redoxx_fml 22

She must have been, to make ops bf cheat

6- you busted while reading this? Good to know I'm not the only one. (:

That really blows a big one, I'm sorry. :P

shut up is not a nice word..

Shit up is two words.

ohh my bad words**.. there you happy now i hope that made you feel better.

really ? i did not know.

74-shut up please.

#78 make me. this converstaion had nothing to do with you, nobody asked you to read my comments.

Marifer98 7

#80- i dont think # 78 was telling you to shut up i think he was trying to say shut up in a nice way since you had said "shut up isn't a nice word" so he added please at the end to make it sound nicer.

dont really care. its not a big deal.

"Make me"? How? With his/her superior internet connection? What an absurd challenge.

how was it possible to ask me to shut up in the first place.. i didnt talk at all..i typed it.

"Shut up" is a colloquialism, essentially having a meaning of "cease communicating." Therefore, its use, while not literal, is acceptable. "Make me," however, is a confrontational retaliation, and, made over the internet (where no methods of doing so are likely available to this person), seems a tad silly.

MeLuvBewbs 7

Maybe he wanted you to see them (happy birthday!)

Clamcreepy 7

Maybe he brought them for you to try on because he probably got sick of the grandma panties and bra that you were wearing all the time

Jakesterk96 8

This is where pics, or it didn't happen comes in effect.