By fmll - 17/12/2011 13:17 - Norway

Today, my boyfriend texted me and said I had forgotten my blue bra. I don't have any blue bras. FML
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zingline89 18

Well he'll sure have blue balls now

iSnortWaffles 7

It could be from someone else in his family.


Well obviously you don't have a blue bra because you forgot it at his house, what's the big deal?

fmlover1326 1

dump his ass, you deserve better!

Damn auto correct. I'm sure he meant to say hello and that he loves you.

eyeIoveyou 4

maybe OP's boyfriend will blame it on autocorrect :S

MagicGiraffe 12

Here comes the "dump his ass" comments. Even though it could have been an innocent mix up.

FMMFL1992 3
ChilledDubstepa 6

Or maybe the bra was from one of his family members and he thought it was OP's?

ChilledDubstepa 6

Oh sorry, hadn't read #3's comment. Didn't mean to copy.

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kulliken 5

I suppose everyone's left out the sister possibility, the bf never said where this bra was discovered

yumlicious 4

@43 - The OP wasn't the only girl that he blue on. ...I tried?!

#124, you tried and succeeded in making me laugh.

Steve95401 49
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KiddNYC1O 20

I'm aware. It was an old reference, noob.

KiddNYC1O 20

So to speak... Playing devil's advocate are we?

52- no, you just don't have enough experience yet, young one.

iSnortWaffles 7

It could be from someone else in his family.

meganfoxsbitch 0

And what would his sisters bra be doing at his house?? Wait you're not from Arkansas are you?

63, doesnt have to be he sister's bra. how do you know it's not his brothers? or dad's?

This happens often in my house. I mean by thist that my sisters & mom just forget that a certain piece of clothing is theirs and it leads to some mistakes. Since I'm just a fruit dealer, and not a personal detective though, I won't extrapolate further.

Dump his ass!! Obviously I'm not the first person to say this..

OP- "I think you forgot a pack of condoms at my house last night. Oh wait..."

iSnortWaffles 7

63, If they live together with their parents, then her bras would have to be in his house. Retard. You must be from Arkansas considering your brain capacity.

Maybe it's just me, but I never left bras in my brothers' rooms. If you're old enough to wear a bra, you're probably doing your own laundry.

Wolveslikepie 4

63,open your eyes it clearly says op is from Norway...

zingline89 18

Well he'll sure have blue balls now

xSonic 9

5, everyone thumbing your comment up is an FML no lifer for understanding......I'm one of them :)

zingline89 18

I don't always comment on FMLs, but when I do, I make sure they're gems.

he won't have blue balls if this blue bra belonged to his other gf..

Nono it's; Sex, drugs, rock n' roll Speed, weed, birth control Life's a bitch and then you die So **** the world, let's get high.

For a second I thought it said blue ball LOL

kewlkate 9

Or a male roommate with a girlfriend?

Portalcc 4

Or a female roommate with a girlfriend?

Naw, he lives with his roommate, Jackie, OP has never met.

jacquesromualdez 12

39- do you know something that the rest of us don't?