People are awful

By Anonymous - 07/09/2015 14:21 - Australia - Auburn

Today, I saw a dick for the first time in my life, on the early morning crowded train headed for work. FML
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This FML is lacking crucial details...

You never know what you'll see on the train...


There's a first time for everything ...

First time? Perverts who slip it out and rub it on unsuspecting women on the train are fairly common... Good times had by all.

as bad as I want to give you a thumbs up #1 I just can't bring myself to ruin such a great number

That's ridickulous that somebody would do that

I know its totally ridickulous

You never know what you'll see on the train...

Maybe it was like the oscars and somebody has a wardrobe malfunction. Though probably not when it comes to the public. Haha.

The first time but won't be the last

im wondering how this was.the first time did they have no sex ed class or another partner?

Well we don't know OP's age but regardless, they tend not to actually get a guy to drop their pants in sex ed class, they show drawings/diagrams/photos. I'm sure OP knows what a dick looks like, this is just the first time she's seen one in real life.

She was on the morning train heading to work. so she's apparently old enough to have seen a penis before.

Or she might be a lesbian, and has only had women as partners.

@buffy999 I had a job at 15, which is a little young to see one.

Riding a train and having a job don't necessarily mean you are of an age where you "should have seen a penis". I started working and using public transit by 15, saw a penis for the first time at 19.

This FML is lacking crucial details...

Size? Shape? Colour? We need to imagine it vividly!

Or maybe it was a rude person, not a body part. Follow up!

Talis99 26

Now, see, I like where you went with that, #64.

"Today I met a Dick in a train. He was a total dick and shown me a dick"

Most girls' first time seeing a dick is usually awkward, but not like this...

addisonrose12 16

My first time seeing one was in my 8th grade science class... On film... And it was covered in gentile warts...

Angelrose2004 17

Really!? gentile warts? LOL. We will blame autocorrect for that one. ;) *genital

RedPillSucks 31

maybe she was in a yeshivah

Ah, the wonders of public transportation...

That's riDICKulous I'm sorry I'm ready for the dislikes

You're late to the party.

you would have gotten my upvote if it wasn't for the apology.. you gotta learn to own your statements ;)

I MIGHT have upvoted this if you didn't capitalize the dick and if there wasn't a 9 minute difference between when you and #2 commented. That's why I always refresh the page before I comment, to avoid saying the same thing as somebody else

Well i done fucked up then eh?

ye happens to all of us at some point

that man should be ridickuled