By Anonymous - / Tuesday 15 April 2014 16:37 / United States - Erie
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By  dingleberrysteve  |  6

just means he doesnt have to try as hard

  Soloman212  |  28

Why is everyone thumbing this guy down?! He's right! And are you saying anyone who let's their girlfriend keep a vibrator won't have one for long?

  LCPLStewie  |  23

I agree! this guy's actually pretty much right on, Vibrates and jacking off is considered cheating in my book.... He should rethink how he brought it up though because he isn't going to have a girlfriend much longer if he keeps that shit up..

  LCPLStewie  |  23

It's natural? using a machine to get sexual pleasure? sorry but when it comes to intimacy every one has their views from my stand point I don't think it's right... we all have our opinions. All I really was getting across was that the OP's (former?) boyfreind shouldn't ever of gotten mad about it... especially if they never discussed the topic... getting angry over that? not worth it

  iLike2Teabag  |  27

Yea. Rightie feeds him, dresses him, spend every waking moment with him, all on top of doing sexual favours for him. If that's not cheating (by his logic) I don't know what is.

  itstrishabtw  |  13

at first I didn't understand but now I do

  DragonDude  |  24

#122, my cousin is naturally ambidextrous. I've seen it. Your argument is invalid.

  menfearme  |  10

Technically, if you got the vibrator first, your cheating on it, according to your boyfriend. Not only point at his hand offer him a dramatic ultimatum.

By  marcela_darocha  |  13

shove it in his mouth, claim hes cheating too victory

  Exhaling  |  12

Am I the only one wondering how you are always in the top five comments and saying a tactic then saying victory? It can't just be me unless I am missing something haha

By  Federgirl  |  19

I agree with #2

  DraconicFeline  |  29

I agree with myself.

  bobo_the_bear  |  5

I wish to report these comments.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

Are you a detective?


Yep. About the only excuse I can think of for being annoyed she has a vibrator is if she's always turning him down for sex cause she overuses it. But even then, calling it cheating is just stupid.

By  pratikp03  |  22

You hurt the guys ego lol

  emilyjgraham  |  34

Hey, I'm sure he still visits Jill every now and then! Masturbating shouldn't hurt someone's ego. Even if there is a toy involved. Sometimes women just can't do it by there selves and want some help. It's amazing if the boyfriend is open and okay with it but to class it as cheating is bloody ridiculous. I really hope he was joking!


or maybe, since it is her room, no one should go in there without her permisson anyways and she didnt think her boyfriend would care...so she left it out.

  ohmandapants  |  16

And I didn't say he has permission to rummage through her things now did I? No, I was replying to #56 who was saying that he shouldn't be in her ROOM without permission. But since OP left him in there, he clearly had permission to be in the room. Nowhere in my comment did I say it was ok for him to go through her stuff just because he was in there. He doesn't have that right.

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