Way to be creepy

By Shoe - 27/02/2010 06:17 - United States

Today, my boss told me he suspected his wife was cheating on him. I told him to pull up her Facebook page to look for suspicious activity. I looked at her profile picture and said, "Damn, that girl next to her fine! You know her?" It was his sixteen year-old daughter. FML
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More like giggidy giggidy giggidy goo

Not really an FML... depending on what kind of person your boss is, he could take it as a compliment or just laugh it off. If he's really worried about his wife cheating on him, I don't think he will dwell on your stupid comment for long.

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"Hahaha.. I know she's your daughter. Just trying to lighten up the situation, sir. You should have seen the look on your face! Now, click on her wall."

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Oh and in yourdefense, i have a friend from Ohio who just turned 17. I've known her since she was 12-ish. She grew up very rapidly and beautifully. Whatever you guys are feeding them is working =P You should have sent that to the girls in my area when i was in high school..

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that's smart. that of course would have covered up his comment

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Dumb! Your advice was ridiculous too! Who in their right mind would try to get away with "cheating" via Facebook?

YDI for thinking that speaking ebonics at the workplace, in front of your boss nonetheless, was a good idea.

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The way I see it? Your boss is close enough to you to tell you about his personal life, he is not going to be bothered by that comment. Just go with it.

Am I the only one who thought the op was black when they said, " she fine"?

No, if you read my comment that is a few comments above yours, you'll see I mentioned something about ebonics.

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Lol you'd be surprised on how much personal crap peeps put on that site my Ex practically said she left me for the man of her dreams... My bro... Lol I never thought I'd feel so Upset from a site.. And my bro adds everything on that site that happens to him bad good or annoying. I ended up having to get him to block my cell from getting his retarded messages...

If (when) he gets mad, tell him "We're both human."

This is a throwback to about a month old FML for those that don't know. Not trying to take credit for that piece of wisdom.

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if there's grass on the field....

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damn lol how is that inconsiderate? ppl tofay are so paranoid about being politically correct and bullshit lk that. come on i mean how is it inconsiderate to say a girl is hot?

It's not inconsiderate when he had no clue it was his daughter.

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roflcopters I haven't read the fml yet

"wow boss, that 16 year old on your friends list is sexy! I wanna 'do' her! Good thing she's not your daughter or anything!"

actually it was his wife's profile picture he saw her in, but that should be more of a give away lol. unless the boss' wife hangs out with a young crowd

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haha! that's a fail. hope you didn't get fired OP. after all you were trying to help him find out if his wife was cheating on him.