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By Anonymous - 23/08/2013 23:30 - United States

Today, my boyfriend dumped me for "cheating" on him by using a vibrator. FML
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Well, OP, did you name your vibrator, and take him out for dinner and drinks before bringing him back home and making sweet love to him? Because if so, he might have a point.

dinosxxrawr 22

he doesn't understand that no man can do what a vibrator can.


Well, OP, did you name your vibrator, and take him out for dinner and drinks before bringing him back home and making sweet love to him? Because if so, he might have a point.

I feel like this is a reference to a YouTube video... If the vibrator tells you that you're not cuddling enough might want to be careful

Black_Rose97 9

well aint that a pain in the ass..

Jake_Hale 7

Good riddance OP! At least your vibrator is loyal and will never abandon you!

Well, actually It's more of a nice vaginal massage followed by an obnoxious boyfriend.

You should have told him he cheats on you with Palmela Handerson too.

nurchok 15

#45, that and his hand :)

#55, I think that flew straight over your head.

addioty 19

As P!nk has said, "It's just you and your hand tonight."

ApparentlyNotEno 28

I left my fiancée for the same reason. Of course, she was moaning out another man's name, recording the audio, and sending it to him, so the circumstances might be slightly different.

Why do you think he said Pamela HANDerson omg lol

dinosxxrawr 22

he doesn't understand that no man can do what a vibrator can.

#10: Covering yourself in paint and dosing up on caffeine isn't exactly comparable.

Maybe he's rechargeable? Also, nice name. :P

Lol mine plugs into the wall. Batteries are a waste of money and who wants to recharge their vibe? I

I burnt out my batteries long ago. But even broken I can still use it. :P

Sounds like you've been with the wrong men #2!... I don't know about you, but I've never had a vibrator slam me against a wall while kissing me passionately and run its fingers through my hair as it enters me.... Think you have your state my backwards! They are handy if you just want to get one off real quick before work though! ;)

^^^^^ I feel as if I'm reading an excerpt from 50 Shades of Crazysexualencounters... I mean Grey. Or Gray? Wait- is it... What's the difference between Grey and Gray? Good God I've never realized there are two grays... Two Greys.. **** I give up.

Grey is the british version. The author is british and his last name is Grey.

dinosxxrawr 22

grEy for English and GrAy for American. I think.. don't hold me on it! I saw it on the Internet.

grEHy for Canadians and grGDAYMATEy for Australians

74- but if it's on the internet it must be true.

70-the author for 50 shades of grey is a woman

Goblin182 26

Lucky for us men vibrators can't mow the lawn.

Goblin182 26

Hope it doesn't short out. 110VAC can hurt.

gentrysu 10

E L James is the author and she's a woman.

kayteakay 26

#121 Or provide decent conversation.

#137 - Then you have the wrong kind of vibrator.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

She sure did! He sounds like one of those horrible jealous control freaks that usually end up going postal. You dodged a bullet.

well no, she put the bullet inside her...

Actually 102 the bullets are for play with your clit a ***** or vibrator is what women use for internal pleasure.... But good job any ways :)

#104... Just a joke... Take it or leave it

104, there are also bullets designed for internal, not just for clits. I'd say thanks for playing as well, but where you weren't aware, I can't be sure you do.

_daniellesays_ 10

Tell him to go feel better about it by rebounding with a butt-plug (yea..I went there.)

At least your vibrator will never leave you!

Until the batteries die or it breaks. But if they die, it's more like taking a "break"

Is that where the ex boyfriend comes in?

Well, I doubt it considering OP needed the vibrator during their relationship..

It will never get mad and call you a bitch.

yankeesfancg 13

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imagineapc 11

My boyfriend and I have great sex, but we both have our alone time as well. And we both watch **** every day. Whaaaaaat.

40 - sorry to break it to you but you and your boy friend are freaks. It's not a bad thing though.

imagineapc 11

#51, they're just happily engaging in sexual activities alone and together. I find that completely normal. Plus, are you going to sit there and tell me you don't watch ****?

Grauncho 27

Normal people ********** whether or not they're in a relationship.

50 that doesn't make then freaks, that make sexually active and it's great for a relationship o be that open with each other! I find that when a couple watch **** together and are open about sexual fantasies that the relationship is stronger.

#51 and #105, usually it's a compliment when someone is called a freak when referring to sexual activities, is it not?

Most men ********** and look at ****, even if they are in a long term relationship. Why is a woman using a vibrator any different?

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hcollins1 18

I know of plenty of people in relationships that use toys/********** in their own time and have great relationships. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you're restricted to just having sex with that person and can't do anything with yourself! Hell, they could've used the vibrator when they were having sex!

Obviously they should have. Some guys just don't get it that if they use the vibe, there's actually less stress on them to perform and get all tongue twisted. Though something tells me this doofus probably didn't do that either.

Goblin182 26

#60 if he could twist his tongue maybe she wouldn't need the vibrator.

JAB9989 13

At least your vibrator knows how to show you a good time OP:)