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Today, I found out my grandpa died. As I rushed home crying to comfort my parents, I got pulled over for speeding. The officer told me to cut out the "fake" tears". When I told him my grandpa just died he tacked on another $100 for lying to an officer. Worst. Christmas. Ever. FML
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so go to appeals court with the death certificate and at least get the 100 taken off

Except... you don't get fined for lying to an officer simply BECAUSE they can't know what's a lie and what isn't.


russianspy1234 11

so go to appeals court with the death certificate and at least get the 100 taken off

But just the $100. Don't speed when you're an emotional wreck.

Don't drive when you're an emotional wreck...

russianspy1234 11

Actually, I totally understand that. Driving, especially driving fast, actually takes my mind off things when I am upset.

i like how you take something stupid from MLIA and use it as the opposite affect :o and that sucks can you take it to court? he doesnt know your life...

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So yeah I had sympathy for you until the cliche ending.

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#56, I was just thinking the same thing. "Best. [Insert thing here]. Ever." is one of the most tired story telling devices on mlia, but it's kind of refreshing to see it here.

Post #1 solved your problems. I think you should certainly go to court on this ticket, with the death certificate. You probably won't get out of the speeding ticket itself, but if the officer shows up for court, he ought to be ashamed of himself. Condolences, and please post later to let us know what happened!

OP - YDI, and #41 is why. My sympathies on your loss, but you get no sympathy for being caught while endangering other people.

Fake part ab the $100 for lying, lying to the PO PO is a felony, not some small $100 fine

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even if it the fine was removed it's still an awful thing

Except... you don't get fined for lying to an officer simply BECAUSE they can't know what's a lie and what isn't.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't get fined for LYING to an officer or anybody, period. First ammendment sort of protects against that.

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That just shows your ignorance to the dirty and heartless cops. People like you two shouldn't be allowed to speak.

doesnt matter, even if you fight it in court and get it dropped the cop usually faces no penalty so theres no reason for cops to not hand out bullshit tickets

Well it's a double-edged sword. Cops can't be afraid to hand out tickets for fear of being punished if simply incorrect.

PERSONALLY I think you capitalized the wrong word

Yeah, cops can't ticket people for lying. OP is a dirty liar. This FML sucks.

Except for perjury but they don't care about that ever. Clinton

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that's the solution to everything! sue sue sue!

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My grandpa died on the same day as #3's comment was posted on (._.)

In America can't they simply make up an offence if they want to give you a ticket? I thought whether the offence they've written on the ticket is defined by the law is a different matter. So if lying to an officer isn't defined, maybe you can at least get that off you and at best get the officer fired. (doubt that's gonna happen)

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Technically, they can, but that's evened out by the fact that the officers don't ever show up for court. Basically, all you have to do is challenge the misc. charges (NOT the speeding charges) and have them lessed, or even removed completely.

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That'd have to be a shitty cop to give you a ticket for that reason, and an even bigger dick for adding a $100. Assuming that this FML is real. If it is, appeal the ticket.

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"lying to an officer" isn't a fine-able offense (unless maybe you lie about your identity and they find id to prove otherwise, and even then i think it would be considered something else)... this is fake.

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I think they generally consider lying to the police to be obstruction of justice.

Cops in the US are generally assholes, they assume you wont challenge the ticket even if they're wrong, and most states are cutting "first responder" budgets, so they have incentive to squeeze as much money out of every citizen as they can. I absolutely believe that a cop would do that.

Fines don't go directly to police. They go to the city/state/county that issued them.

not all cops are bad some are good and you can get a charge for lying to an officer. if you tell them when they come to a door that the person they have a warrant for isn't there and they find him you get to go to jail for the night. this cop should be off the job because he is making all cops look bad. some are truly good people who care about protecting and serving their communities. hopefully the op doesn't have to deal with this kind of bad cop again.

bring a funeral card or death certificate. wow, that pig is really a douche.

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dam thats fuked... poor thing... when i was in hs my gradma died n i missed one week of school to attend the funrual somewhere else i came bk wit a note n everythin n even explained to all my teachers my nazi english teacher scolded me for missin class n told me i should have kept in contact wit someone who was in class cuz i might not b able to make up all the work... wht a bitch

Judging by your English I can only agree with your teacher.

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I love you guys..the replyers of course..

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Moron turds in the UK think it is cool to use SMS-ish language everywhere. Guess what? They are idiots.

Dearie me. Get off the internet, idiot, you're showing the rest of us from the UK up. Take your textspeak and go and rot in a hole (hopefully in the snow, too).

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Hey Pendatic...I think you did too? If your FML account is supposed to be "pedantic," that is. Which is actually a real word. Unlike "pendatic."

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I don't find it amusing. I just think it makes you look stupid. So, I don't care.

pendatic + LMAO_FAIL = off topic arguing please shut up think about the OP sorry bout your grampa

Pendatic - you look stupid. Off topic. Post somewhere else explaining about your label, please. sorry, OP, you ended up with a really offensive officer. Take a copy of the death certificate to court; it doesn't have to be a sealed copy.

what are you talking about? that's what it's called in the UK (highschool). we have primary school for seven years and then highschool/ secondary school for 7

College/ Sixth form doesn't count as Secondary school, does it?

yes sixth form is the last two years of high school. pendatic (i get the joke, its kind of funny but its not that great so get over yourself) and whoever that other guy is youre arguing with grow the **** up.

i'm not calling you a liar, but cops can't tack on $100 for "lying" to them, so....

Actually, it's amazing what cops try to tack onto tickets. They assume--and rightly so--that most people don't know they can argue them, or that most people won't even try. Then, they get all put out when they get suspended because someone actually DOES argue it and win!

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Yes, easily contested. Not to mention, you could get the officer in some trouble.