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Today, I caught my boyfriend secretly using my hair straightener while I was in the other room. Too embarrassed to talk to him about it, I left and came back later, only to discover him slipping on a pair of my panties. FML
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whoisthisgirl 4

? I know plenty of guys that straighten their hair. and what kind of relationship are you in that you can't say "I seen you using my hair straightener!" using your underwear is weird but still.


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uhm... wow. OP, it's time for you to find a new man.

Yeah, you might want to get a new bf lol

TheDrifter 23

A new MAN? Methinks she doesn't have one of those now.

whoisthisgirl 4

? I know plenty of guys that straighten their hair. and what kind of relationship are you in that you can't say "I seen you using my hair straightener!" using your underwear is weird but still.

why is it time for a new boyfriend? apart from him using her things without asking, he's done nothing wrong. op should sit him down and talk to him about her personal property, but make it clear she supports and cares for him. this will be difficult and embarrassing for him and the people who care for him can make it easier. coming to grips with things like gender identity or "unusual" clothing/appearance preferences should not be punished, but encouraged and supported.

88 wears the wrong underwear too. clearly

mintcar 9

^ Win. There was an underwear thief on campus months ago. He would steal panties from the laundry room from various residential buildings as souvenir. Look on the bright side, at least your boyfriend isn't a pathetic perv?

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Please note: 88 speaks on behalf of the tranny subculture only.

Jvr91 8

putting on another guys boxers is weird but putting on your girls panties is weirder. OPs BF is OD creepy.

Your boyfriend is either gay or was just dropped on the head as a child. Either way, that's ****** up.

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Grimmerie the world will be better for all, if more people have a little of your kindness and knowledge.

your boyfriend is wack (at least for stealing ur underwear)

tjv3 10

I don't get the hair straightening being an embarrassing problem. the wearing of your panties would be a very big problem

I don't think she needs a new bf she should just talk to him about it ^_^ and he might not be a transsexual he could just be a transvestite I agree he should have asked you about using your stuff first but there is nothin wrong with what he was doing maybe u could buy him his own panties :/ really just talk to him :)

You act as if there'd be anything wrong with transgenderism....

211, thanks! That's encouraging. I'm actually employed by a local business to talk at schools about things like sexuality and gender identity, and it's nice to hear from supportive and understanding people. Slowly but surely, we're making the world a better place.

maybe he is an action transvestite!!! Eddie Izzard

ok so this is how it went down. the dude is alone at op's house, he sees a pair of her panties, he wonders what the difference between panties and briefs is, he's so bored he dicedes to try them on. girlfriends walks in, awkward moment.

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time for a "girl's night out"

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I think the boyfriend want a new boyfriend too

maybe the bf has a cross-dress fetish? anyway the hair straightening is normal

Yeah, loads of guys straighten their hair. The pants thing is a little odd, purely because putting someone else's underwear on is weird. But there's nothing wrong with a little cross dressing.

^ crossdresser. :D nuddin wrong wid it. but um nevermind:D..................

Lets just say, you fit the stereotype your username is referring to.

your name is answer of your idiocy, you're obviously blonde.

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sounds like he,s a little sweet you might want to trade that in

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Yess, he's stalking you...makes A LOT of sense.....especially since he probably lives there.

Isn't that how things have been done in London for the past 30 years? don't question it OP.

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Dude... I'm from America and that's STILL coldhearted. Shame on you.

Bwhahahha, this made me laugh! Womans underwear feels more comfortable!

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It's not like he was trying out your tampons

sourgirl101 28

It certainly changes the meaning of him, "wanting to get into her panties".

no that would be super weird and uncomfortable...

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My boyfriend straightens his hair all the time.. haha!

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Exactly, mine too! My boyfriend even has his own hair straightener...

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7 and 107 i would make sure they are boyfriends instead girlfriends

75 great reference to an old fml. +1 internets for you.

I straighten my hair and I'm a guy? what's wrong with it?

justysgirl 3

someone coming out of the closet?

I wonder what was he straightening. either way it's gay.

yeah maybe he has some serious issues or maybe he has a lame haircut and was curious about your panties...

gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality. neither does the satisfaction this man obviously takes from presenting himself in a more traditionally female manner. my sex is female, but i am genderqueer, meaning i fall all over the scale and am happy to present myself as androgynous. this has no bearing whatsoever on my sexual preferences.

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91, shut up and stop spreading this filth.

i think it's time for an internet high-five, longing! i personally am happiest when no gender pronouns are used in reference to me.

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i love puss in boots and his lil adorable eyeballs:)

Do you have a specific set of non-gendered pronouns that you prefer, or are you happy so long as they're gender-neutral?

I actually meant that what he is doing is gay, I wasn't talking about his gender. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

...Because I was thinking that either he is straightening his hair or his pubes.

Yes, we understand exactly what you were trying to say. That's the problem. This might (but not necessarily) signal something about the boyfriend's gender identity but it has no bearing whatsoever on his sexual orientation.

zargon, as long as they're gender neutral I'm happy. I've been referred to as zie, sie, hi, or zer. I really prefer my name, but its all relative :)

**** people and their weird sexual shit

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He might have some funny hobbies :P

sailorzoe 14

Aside from wearing panties?