By crimson28 - 07/03/2010 08:18 - United States

Today, I received a phone call from my father asking how I spelled my name. Not only was he the parent who picked out my name, he was completely serious. FML
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crimson28 tells us more.

Like I said, he doesn't have any sort of disease, he was calling to make sure that the form he was sending in had my name on it the exact same why my license has my name, and he said, " ______ is spelled with one L?" Also, he's not an idiot and is the best father anyone could ask for. He just wasn't thinking and I was having a fairly crappy day in the first place. So it made it a bit more noticeable.

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He didn't have your name programmed in his phone?

My dad does that too. And I'm named after him.


He didn't have your name programmed in his phone?

Hopefully you didn't get his genes....

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Yes, shouldn't it have been atleast in his phone? Also, is your name common or kind of hard to spell? I moderated this one. :D

Well even you spell your name m-o-n-i-k-a, so I can see where he'd be confused...

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YDI for not being remembered

42- I think she meant her dad named her Monika when she was born, but he spells her name Monica a lot.

Monikabug 9

Exactly @51.

Shae84 0

YDI for living in Tennessee. Fuckin hicks!

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alzheimers ?

Maybe he has her programmed under a nickname. My uncle nearly missed the moment of my cousin's graduation because he was waiting for them to announce "Cookie" since that is what everyone has called her since she was born.

well that's alright my father still forgets my birthday, and calls me "Julie" .. my names samantha.

#1 He does, it's just he remembers her as turtle face.

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wait where did you get monika from?

i would have told him incorrectly, then yflled at him for spelling it wrong.

damn the iphone. cant ever type correctly.

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well fathers are usually that way. Maybe your name is spelled 100 different ways

Fathers are usually that way? I have yet to meet a man who doesn't know his child's own name.

my dad can't spell Dylan.

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He knows her name, he just can't spell it. My dad still asks me how to spell my name sometimes, what my middle name is, what grade i'm in and how old I am.

my dad don't even remember my bday or my age

YDI for having a phone

ashlynn610 12

Um really? WTF?

My dad does that too. And I'm named after him.

Don't they just call you Junior, then?

Alzheimer's. Ur dad has dem.

Oh you think you have problems....I just got 24 kills and died right before my nuke! That's real problems!!! lol. I'm jk that sucks.

HamsteronA 0

omg that's a big problem you have might need to see a shrink

what's your gamertag dude

hey! Nuke is my name ^^^

dude I hate wen that shit hapens

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maybe it's a horrible name like imogen or Charlotte and your dad is dumb as. or maybe you name is Sam.

Monikabug 9

or Siobhan. Which apparenty is pronounced "Shuh-Vaughn." Somehow.

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lol, American Idol??

Monikabug 9

No, a new baby cousin. I walked past her in the hospital 3 times because I was looking for a Shavaugh, not a Siobhan.

Monikabug 9

Ahhhh that makes sense.

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it might be crimson. that's what it says at the top, but barely anyone uses their real name.

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Early signs of alzheimer's? o.O