By jsquared / Friday 5 November 2010 23:17 / United States
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  eshhayz  |  0

it really depends... try going for a 2 hour jog(or run if ur fit,) wash ur hands, then try put some in a jar . seal cap for 1 hour and then smell ...

if ur healthy, should be like salt and vinegar otherwise It's just a fishfest .

  tencentsakiss  |  19

I can't believe I'm answering this, but the way people smell and taste down there is mostly related to their diet. Therefore, they probably do not smell the same, unless they eat the same things.

  eshhayz  |  0

I dno I accidentally smelled my sister once (when bringing clothes down for laundry) and it was like a rusty iron fence smell . if that makes any sense .

she eats a lot of protein so maybe that's what u meant

  princesshope  |  0

No, since he did the forward message from his phone, everyone will see his number. Tge recipients just assumed it was OP. The boyfriend is an ass for sending it to others, and the sister probably should not have sent it in the first place. Now she has messed up her sister's reputation, which I'm sure was not her intentions. Regardless it happened, and now OP's sister needs to stand up and admit the picture is her, and the boyfriend should apologize to both girls; but I doubt he will.

  desigirl2010  |  0

but why would people think it's the OP?! the person fwding the pictures is the OP's sister's boyfriend so logically wouldn't everyone think it's his girlfriend and not his girlfriends sister?!

  DjeePee  |  24

Hah, you would be surprised if you know how many people can't think logical.

I would think 'WTF?!?' if a guy sent me a naked picture of someone who could be his girlfriend/girlfriends sister. Maybe I would also think it was the sister, because you don't love your girlfriend enough if you sent the hole world a naked picture of her. If it was the sister, I could see it as a mean prank. But sending a naked picture of your girlfriend? That's so wrong.

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