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#45 Wow, that's definitely not true, and you shouldn't be saying it...I'm fairly sure you just made that up completely, because that's opposite of the truth...often times best friends (girl & boy) can develop into much more than that, and they share a connection that most people do not..

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

73- It can get awkward easily though, especially if they break up. It can be weird dating someone you've known since you were four, like my friend and I. We tried dating, and it was awkward.

  xosmileyxo4  |  0

well at least he didn't say something like this:
"I don't like you at all. that's really weird. I'm gonna go tell all our friends about this. everyone will think your such a creeep! hahaha. sucks for you ya fuxkaaa."
that would have been much, much worse.

By  DjeePee  |  24

Cats are cool.

OP, you said 'like', not 'love'. If you had said you loved him, then his answer wouldn't be pleasant. But you said you liked him, in which case the answer doesn't need to be serious, because you're friends, and friends like to do silly. 'That's cool' seems like a 'I like you too' to me.