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  Bibliovore  |  26

Double-check that you HAVEN'T missed others -- you saw him doing installations in the bathroom, but are you sure others weren't already in place in the bedroom or elsewhere?

Regardless, GAAAAAH. Good that you found out and dumped him. Be aware that you can likely press criminal charges if you need to, particularly if you find other cameras anywhere.

  etchsanity1  |  11

Change your wifi password if he was putting up cameras they probably go through your network there you'll want to make sure he can't access it anymore also have a computer savvy friend adjust your routers settings and verify the IP and MAC addresses for everything connected to your router ;)

By  cliffibom  |  15

I don't understand why someone would want to film their partner in the bathroom when they could see them naked with their own eyes. Unless they have some pee / poopoo fetish

By  sushichick  |  17

That's fucked up. It makes me wonder how many sick idiots like him are actually out there videotaping their unsuspecting girlfriends while they're doing their duty.