Call the cops

By Anonymous - 07/09/2009 06:05 - United States

Today, I took a look at my boyfriend's videocamera. On it were several videos of me on the toilet. My boyfriend has been hiding the videocamera in the bathroom airvent, and taping me taking dumps for the past three months. FML
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So it wasn't an air freshener after all!

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lmao i was thinking the same thing

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creeper. mayb blakmail? u shuld delete tem and break his camera lol

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this is the funniest thing I've ever read. I mean it. you made my day. thank you.

I say he films you taking a dump, well dump him!

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Ur pic is the most messed up thing I've ever seen

Pretty damn cool, two FMLs I said Yes to get through (this and previous). Sweet jesus this creeped me out though. I mean, this screamed FML in particular to me. I'd say dump the ass, but before you do that make sure you have gotten rid of all those pictures.

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"Dump the ass" No pun intended?

Lmao, I was thinking the same thing 64!

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You idiot, it has nothing to do with his fetish. It's the fact he filmed her in a private moment WITHOUT PERMISSION. If he had asked, and she made an FML about it, then you can go around crying "monster!" -- but since he did this without permission, it makes him a perverted creep who deserves to be dumped. Same as it would if it was just a guy spying on a girl, while she changed, without her knowledge. Nothing to do with the fetish, everything to do with the lack of respect.

At #143 **** erectus is a species... wtf is your point anyways?

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The Genus is the **** part, and **** erectus is extinct, (except for you? Your intelligence indicates this could be true). We are **** sapiens.

#157 Hey give him a break... H. erectus went extinct relatively recently actually... only about 100,000 years ago. Lolz

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he wanted to see if the myth was true...

LOL same. I do all of those things too. Like anyone would wanna watch me take a dump LOL.

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Lmao, I find it funny that I read this FML after coming back from the bathroom. Hehe. I think I might check my air vent now... >.>

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wow. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who is extremely afraid of that. i actually have nightmares about it. ihh...this is just so creepy. i have goosebumps

It's dead peoples favourite past time! You don't know it but wherever you are, and whatever you are doing there are at least 10 dead people watching you.. I know because I can see them. Enjoy your next trip to the toilet :)

The myth that says women fart and poop too.

You really do this kind of thing just because you're afraid someone is recording? o.O Can't you just check the air vent (and the toilet itzelf)? :-o Very nice BF the OP has btw... :-o Or probably ex by now I hope. Secretly recording things like that...

Oh, I've never heard that myth.. I thought it was globally accepted as a fact that they DIDN'T do that..

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i'm sure if he had just asked her, she would have kindly stuck his face in her shit. OP, ur bf is a CREEPER!

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...Delete those videos, and punch him in the face. If you can't harm him enough to get the message, then get a brother or friend to it for you. Seriously, that is wrong on so many levels. Not only is it gross, but the ass could've at least asked you permission.

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Very true, but at least it the videos were only of her and not another girl..



I love that song, but every time it gets to that part, I wanna shove a screwdriver into my ears to stop the pain. Or, y'know, just change the song.

we should hangout sometime, myspace me, fer sure.

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where are my panties? I THREW EM OUT THE WINDOW BITCH SHUT THE **** UP

I don't know what's happening. loud noises

Hahaha, oh ****, that's disgusting. I say pretend you don't know, take him on a longgg drive to nowhere, take his clothes off (you know, pretending you want him), then shove him out the car, tell him you know what he did and drive the **** away from that creep! He can think about how wrong he is on the walk home =] oh, and make sure to smash the camera as well. You don't want that vid getting out.

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nice :) leaving someone alone (in preferibly the woods) NAKED is truly a great revenge.

Gimme back my camera hunny before all these nice people start freaking out...... lol jk but really call the cops on him.