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Thanks, dude

Today, I was feeling really sick when I was with my boyfriend at the park. When we were walking, I got really dizzy and collapsed. My boyfriend didn't catch me. His mom took me to the hospital. While I was being poked with needles, he was at home playing COD. FML
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I wouldn't bitch if he was playing Battlefield 2:Bad Company/2142 or Fallout 3/New Vegas, but the fact that he chose Call of Duty over you says a lot. His balls haven't dropped yet; give him a break!


76- BF:BC2 is broken, but it's still a better game than Call of Duty. BF3 is so good. I'm thoroughly addicted at this point. The maps are amazing, the graphics are intense, and sniping went from "meh" to "wow". Though, that makes for a lot of campers, which is annoying.

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So many jerk comments on here... why is it trending to be a complete brainless sh*t? You can say they're jokes, but none of them are actually commenting on OP at all. Just seeking attention.