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Hey guys OP here, i cant believe this got featured especially as incoherent as i thnk it is. To answer some questions i do kinda wish that they would get back together but it really was a mess of a family. As pathetic as it sounds i am living with my gf and her family since my mother, who knows that he is going to live there, currently lives with her mother and its rather packed. The house my father is going to live in was our old house. Dad got custody of that. Fortunately neither get custody of me since i am 19. Ty for all your support!
By Anonymous - / Monday 19 June 2017 08:41 / United States - Spring Hill
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By  pjsr  |  31

Many people barely know the next-door neighbor, much less someone 3 doors away. This is actually much more convenient for you than if he lived all the way across the city, or across the country. Cheating is deplorable; at the same time, none of us know the details of a relationship.

  TheDword  |  9

it could be. but considering mom just had cancer removed from her lung and dad is suffering from something on his spinal cord. its pretty bad as it is. j mean i know there are worse cases out there. but as it stands this is probly the biggest fiasco in my life thus far