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  \  |  28

OP could fit the food into his daily calorie budget, assuming he's not eating it often.

  eksyneet  |  23

takeaway food can be healthy (if it's not from McDonalds or similar establishments). if OP's family is that insistent on eating takeaway, they should just agree on buying a healthier option for OP. that's where real support will come into the picture.

  calilovesneb  |  12

It always happens like that doesn't it, OP? My New Year's Resolution for this past year was to cut out fast food and simultaneously my family went on a McDonalds binge.

  FitForFun  |  11

Even some of the biggest and most fit guys around will admit to having no will power when it comes to food being in the house. It's better to keep only good food in your house so that the temptation takes enough work that you know to stay away from it.

  rldostie  |  19

Just because they're the biggest guys doesn't mean they're the healthiest. If you're choosing a healthier lifestyle, then not eating crap is the #1 way to go. It's not that hard to have willpower. See something bad, don't eat it. Simple as that.

  edanielleh  |  21

i lost 40 pounds in high school and if anything my family mocked me. it can be done. and trust me, if you can't control it at home you WILL fail on your own

By  SWC_Penguin  |  17

While that does suck, take heart in the knowledge that you can eventually "cure" yourself of this problem. Keep working out and avoiding that kind of food and I promise you that after a month you actually won't want to eat it. Hang in there!

  SWC_Penguin  |  17

And if you still crave it after a month of abstaining, just "treat" yourself to a huge fast food meal. You'll absolutely be over it the next morning!

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I think all those people in physical therapy learning how to walk again would have to disagree with you on that.. If you can't learn to stop shoving greasy fatty food into your mouth, you have a problem. It shouldn't be that hard to start eating smaller portions or healthier food instead of what you're used to eating. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really don't understand how a diet is too difficult.

  BrotherPhil  |  32

High fat and high carb foods trigger endorphin release, and can be physically addictive - that's why Mucky D's etc load them up with fat: to get you hooked.

  Emily062611  |  6

33, dieting is different for everyone. Maybe change is easier for you. It's much harder when you're on a diet but people you live with are not. You have to prepare different meals, avoid temptations, and going out can be hard too. It's not as easy as you say, or we'd all be skinny.