By Anonymous - 04/02/2015 16:06 - Netherlands

Today, my boyfriend of 5 days proposed to me at the mall. FML
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DarthCocoa 14


Get away from him while you can


DarthCocoa 14


aleahlioness 15

Run fast, run far

Run for the hills!! Run for your liiffee! Il just get my coat now

Indeed. I'm pretty sure this boyfriend is my crazy ex after a sex change.

Run, forest RUN. yes the downvotes are worth it.

Run into his arms after saying "yes!".

As I clicked to view the comments my only thought was 'if the first comment doesn't say "run" I'll be very disappointed' clearly I'm not disappointed.

He will find you and he will jump the broom with you. Yea....Taken.....

incoherentrmblr 21

Unless you're the female version of Uncle Leo from Seinfield, slowly walk then increasingly run faster...

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GrimReefer66 29

I think it may be a bit to soon.

Oh, wow. I thought it said 5 years, not 5 days. I must have had a cerebral flatulence. But either way, OP can just dump the guy and find someone else.

GrimReefer66 29

Fair enough.

cadillacgal79 32

14-I applaud you for saying brain fart in such a sophisticated way.

lol unlike the other FML where some chick said "My brain farts too sometimes."

Haha I saw that Idk why people are thumbing down #

Haha I saw that too Idk why people are thumbing down #51 Oh well

i seriously just did the same thing, then i caught it. yeah big difference in 5 days and 5 years

run while you can and never look back!

Get away from him while you can

And on the fifth day he proposed, so on the sixth she ran. And on the seventh, he was arrested....

Aww, did you say yes? Just kidding. Make a break for it while you still can

Hey, at least he proposed. I bet many people have to wait years for that. We also know that he does not have any commitment issues. That's definitely a plus!

On the other hand, it seems he might be too impulsive and end up proposing to someone else halfway through their engagement. :-/

That's a bad sign

hamrtym 15

Your avatar is a bad sign. No wait, just flipped my phone, you're good.

That's funny.

Were you at least best friends for a decade before you started dating? :S

At least you have someone

I'd rather be alone

Well, did you say yes?

I would hope not they've been together for 5 days

Congratulations! I hope you said no, unless you were so dearly in love and could not live without him.