By annababyyyy - 10/11/2014 05:01 - United States - Rockville

Today, my boyfriend pretended to be reading braille while touching my chest acne. FML
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one bump two bumps big bump *sneeze* bump

#9, I'm glad you're funny to yourself at least.

C'mon 16 it was kind of funny, except for the sneeze part.

I thought it was kinda funny. Always loved Dr. Seuss' books. One Fish, Two Fish.... is my favourite book from him to this day.

when you sneeze its written achoo.. which rhymes with two Lol

I always thought that the small bumps around a women's nipples were Braille for "suck here". Maybe the BF was just trying to feel his way down to get to the prize? ;)

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your boyfriend is....unique and awkward

be glad that he likes to touch you no matter what your skin condition.

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Yes. Absolutely. Different skin blemishes and markings are just more unique places you can touch on your significant other! And shows your comfort with each other.

That was just another excuse to touch the boobs. Any man will use any excuse to touch boobs.

Its her boyfriend...he need no excuse to touch her boobs

No no, #13, never go titty-grabbin' without permission, relationship regardless.

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He needs permission but not an excuse. That was all

I keep an acne wash in my shower and wash my shoulders and chest with it and it worked wonders so if you don't already that's something you could try :)

What's the name of the product you use ?

i use ancedote. its an organic hippie dippy one. works pretty well

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Is she trying to say her boobs are small or was she serious

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You obviously missed the fact op said acne.