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By  mayaklast  |  12

Er... can a few weeks of pills buy a Nintendo Switch where you live? That's awfully expensive. Then again, you are having sex together and don't want a kid together... what she did was stupid, but maybe you should pay for half of the birth control from now on. There is actually no reason she should pay for it all (she's already the one taking the hormones). Or get a vasectomy. Guys are always complaining when a woman fails to do birth control... but you can do it too, there is no reason the responsability should fall on the woman all the time.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

I guess I'm out of the loop, because my health insurance makes my birth control free. And if she stopped buying it to save up for a Switch, I'm wondering what she's using and how pricey it is. Yikes!

By  Dale Gulley  |  8

Mayaklast, although your initial boiled down point is valid, you really went down a weird road. Vasectomy reversal is not covered by insurance and doesn’t always work. Also, on that topic, vasectomy is NOT a form of birth control. So by your thought process, why don’t she get her tubes tied?

  core01  |  30

Because tubal litigation is invasive and costly, and most doctors won't preform it until a woman has 3 kids.
Vasectomies cheaper and easier to get.