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Today, while putting on a load of laundry, I squeezed the detergent bottle and it made a noise like a woman's orgasm. After laughing, I realised that I'm probably too immature to be washing my own clothes. FML
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That's not immature! That's funny as hell and you have awesome humor!

I think you are referring to a queef not an ******.


That's not immature! That's funny as hell and you have awesome humor!

You must be a Prepubescent little boy to find that funny.v

14- or you must not have a sense of humor.

14 Nope he just has a good sense of humor.

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He sure he knows what a woman's ****** sounds like? Because it doesn't sound like it, based on this FML.

27 is right, not sure why you thumbed him down. If you got your heads out of your asses and looked at the top for a second you'd realize that OP is female. And 14, a woman with a good sense of humor, (or one with the sense of humor as a guy) is extremely attractive. If you were being sarcastic then I apologize, but try to make it more obvious if you were.

27 I don't know about the other people but I was referring to Skoomaki and (He) is a guy. I think....

Agreed. Being able to identify something as immature is a sign of maturity!

#14- I sigh disappointedly in your general direction.

How does a bottle of detergent possibly sound like an ****** of any kind?

@112: The reason why everyone is telling 14 to get a sense of humor has more to do to the fact that 14 called SkoomaKi a "Prepubescent little boy", which is pretty disrespectful to be honest.

112, 14 expressed his/her opinion in a completely immature way by bringing insults into the mix. I inferred that 14 was talking about OP due to thread jacking becoming a popular trend. Either way, it's rude and not mature.

Or maybe he has a sense of humor unlike you

OP. You know how I know you've never made a women ****** and maybe are still a virgin poser?? A queef isn't an ******. Never has been and never will be. It's trapped air. For Christ sake

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Plenty of grown/mature guys laugh at fart jokes, so I wouldn't worry about it :) (and yeah, I know op is a woman, I'm just saying...)

^ it wasn't a fart joke though, it was an ****** sound. Btw does anyone else have a hard time imagining a detergent bottle sounding anything like an ******? Maybe a mans grunt I guess

OP is a clown shoe comedian. You youngsters don't know shit about that so back up bro.

201- You're not alone. I've been sitting here with a quizzical look on my face trying my damnedest to picture how (& I'm usually quite good with things of this nature.)

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Maybe you should have just clicked the "I agree" button instead of even commenting.

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This would be a perfect example of a comment you make just because you want to be first. Indeed.

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I think most of the people here would have laughed, me included.

AAHHHHHahhhhahhh ahh ah aah ahh ahh yeah yes yes oh **** me yes aaah ah AAHHHHaaahhhhhgggfdsdj

Ahh ah ah ah, ahh, ah yeah, **** me ah, ahhhhAAHHHHhhaahhhgggfbbj

I like woman's orgasms as much as the next guy, but I think it's a bit immature. It's lol funny, but not HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA funny. Laugh, but don't go crazy( not saying you did, OP) just don't listen to these guys saying its funny. You probably are too immature to wash clothes(but very mature about other household things)

Wait, what?! I was always told the female ****** is a myth! Damn Christian schools!

Wait, OP's a girl!! Well, in that case, it's very immature!

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I think many of us would have laughed. The maturity level is tested on how long you prolong that incident. Thats how i would test it lol.

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my maturity level is OVER 9000!

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If you're still making that reference, you're nowhere near that mature.

5 Yes the concept of a detergent bottle orgasming is pretty funny.

That isn't funny to you? Where'd your sense of humor run off to?

redmane 21

5 - The immature sense of humor is often times the best one, in my opinion. Yes, it is that funny.

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Agree with number 5... This isn't even an FML in my opinion

redmane 21

134 - FMLs don't have to be tragic to be FMLs.

redmane 21

And 134 is gone. Oh. Well okay.

Yes 5, it's really that funny. Loosen up a bit!

Don't feel bad. A couple months ago I bursted out laughing when I was pouring syrup on my pancakes.

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It doesn't hurt to laugh once in a while! And noone is ever too immature to do their own laundry, it's actually very mature.

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Ok, so I've looked up "noone" in the dictionary and I couldn't find it, granted the dictionary is circa 1984. I was just wondering 2 things; 1: what does it mean and 2: when was it entered into the dictionary?

^ do you look up every slang word that you read? Or are you just a prick?

twisted_cherub 14

161- "Noone" is not slang. It's simply "no one" without the space. It was probably a typo, 158. Relax.

I'm a guy and I have the same ******* glasses as you!

Possibly too immature to give a girl an ****** as well.

fuckmebutdontfml 16

you don't have to be mature to give a girl an ******...if they let you touch them in their naughty bits, and you're still immature, you could make them ******...providing you don't give away your immaturity at the moment of trying or she's a pedo :)

Im pretty sure she has since OP is a girl, unless she doesn't " flick the bean"

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Actually, if you're immature and don't have your man parts all grown out, you'll find it very hard to pleasure anyone.

77 - You don't need a penis to pleasure a woman... All you need is money or very good fingers and hands.

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Probably never been given a true ****** yourself negative Nancy

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Don't forget tongue ShoomaKi ;) those are good for giving women orgasms too. You might be immature if you think you need a penis to give a woman pleasure though...

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I don't think having a dirty mind is a sign of being immature :D .. Or may be that's just me