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Bad women's anatomy

  Today, my boyfriend asked me why I have "crotch acne". When I attempted to explain that I have razor bumps from shaving, he got mad and said I was lying and insecure about my obvious facial and bodily acne problem. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

"facial and bodily acne problem"
#6 is being ironic.
If one of them is razor bumps, then the other must be, too.
Since she doesn't shave, then it's crotch acne.

Gets it? I confoosed myself. =D

  SillyPoop  |  0

I laughed so hard! So true...grow a bush! He'll like that better. Get a better razor and moisturizer for sensitive skin. Ouch. Crotch a dumb ass...hahaha

  Rayn4u_fml  |  0

I was led to believe all the FMLs were hair related lately: first the guy who complains about a girlfriend hairier than him, then a girl complaining about her boyfriend wondering if girls possess armpit hair, and now a guy who’s ignorant regarding the effects of hair removal.
All of this leading me to one conclusion: the OPs are all prepubescent morons (unfortunately finally have to agree with AntiChrist7) who are dating… prepubescent morons.

  pegasus77  |  0

Yeah, Florida sucks like that. I get terribly sick when the weather changes on and off. Why can't it stay one season?

Anyways. OP, hes an idiot, don't let it get to you.