By omgboobs - 23/12/2009 02:34 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me that when my nipples are hard, he thinks that they look like giant zits, and when he squeezes them, he imagines them popping pus. He then reached for my chest. FML
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whatever floats his boat... even if it is puss filled mountains of yuckiness.

I think you found him in a hospital, wondering around and asking people to help him get his shirt off.

jamie_leeann23 0

Ewww, WTF is wrong with his brain!!! I hope he was joking, because if he was serious you need to consider finding a new boyfriend. FYL

African_diva 0

ewwww that's disgustiing he's siick!!

what... the... hell. he's creepy :( tell him to do it to his own nipples and see how it feels. (: