By noooooooo - 18/03/2013 00:10 - United States - Laurinburg

Today, I was dancing with an incredibly sexy man at a club. He was grinding on me when he leaned over and said, "If I was straight, I would make you my queen." FML
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DocShady 11

So close...

audreyfml1994 15

Take it as a compliment.


audreyfml1994 15

Take it as a compliment.

He's actually playing the game... some girls fall for that trick and become friends with the dude, and then end up sleeping with him by the end of the night. Play the game, know the game. So no #1, not a compliment, he was trying to get closer to her. Girls feel okay around gays since they won't constantly come onto you, but that's the trick in what he's doing.

That's a good sign at least, right?

DocShady 11

So close...

Take one step at a time!


that is a compliment, means you would turn a gay man straight.

That's not how it works.

I think you missed the point of the FML here #4..

You weren't tipped off by the lack of erection?

Well, still, you got a compliment from a gay guy. I'd be flattered!

So you've got a compliment from a gay male. Queue either gay best friend, or you're just damn sexy girl!

KareBear7364 5

Compliments from gay guys are the best because you know that shit is real and true. So have a positive attitude about it Op:)

He paid you a lovely compliment, you should appreciate it.

trellz17 19

Queen huh? You're shocked cause you were expecting princess right?

CanyonRose 16

You try to be funny but you can't...

trellz17 19

Looks like you can't either

15- So what you're saying is, he tries to be funny, but he can't try. Makes perfect sense.