Not into it

By JD. - 08/10/2009 05:41 - United States

Today, while I was making love to my wife, she looks up and says, "I'll paint the ceiling white." FML
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cum on the ceiling, it is gonna turn white

#15 you took that one too far


ewwwwwwww.... thoumy ex colour my old boxers white ;) it happens ;) give her 100 quid if she can reach the ceiling :P

bfrench95 0

she's mutitasking,bitch

multitask win

hahaha fail :)

Wow, painting the ceiling is more exciting than you, FYL!

#3 your dumb she's gunna paint the ceiling with cum. not acually paint the ceiling white.

Before you call someone dumb, at least spell right.

Lol, "making love", she obviously has you in her pocket.

seems like you knew she wasn't really in the mood but your penis was just too important to you lol YDI

cum on the ceiling, it is gonna turn white

Old joke from at least 15 years ago. Wasn't funny then, either.

u must be a very boring person..

This isn't an FML.

u suck

I don't understand why this is a FML.