By Anonymous - / Friday 29 April 2011 12:53 / New Zealand
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Wow. Well if he broke up with you over that no telling what he's been doing with said ex or anyone else for that matter.
Or maybe you bitch about him hanging out with other girls a lot & he's tired of it. We'll never know.

  xk75  |  4

I wouldn't just be annoyed, I'd be single. why didn't she dump him the second he seriously told her he planned on reuniting with the ex?


This is just me having faith in the OP's bf, but what if they are actually just going to hang out... as unlikely as that is. Maybe I just misread the fml, I am kind of tired.... anyway..

  rherring410  |  0

how old are you? with age yes you gain trust but you also gain knowledge. the definition of knowledge is the complete opposite of what you're saying. why on earth would someone who wants to be with their "true love" want to spend the weekend with their ex?!

  daeval14  |  0

Yeah see when OP said that he wanted to visit his ex for a week, it kind of sounded like he was going to be staying with the ex for the week. Suspicious maybe?

  Sophie_Ashxx  |  2

Like I said in my other comment, I didn't believe that I was in the right state of mind, and I wanted us to be able to try and talk and sort things out when we were calm

  RaineLee  |  5

98 - It's not about trust. If there's really nothing going on between him & his ex, then why not invite OP along? And spend time for a whole long week? Then break up with her when she disagrees? I won't be too comfortable with that either.

  zakkyzebra  |  11

166, maybe he was planning something special for OP but she just started to bitch him out (as she usually does) and finally had enough of it, seeing she's a spoiled bitch, thus breaking up with her.
Just a scenario.

  jane79  |  0

I'd be more than annoyed with him. first off if he thinks it's a good idea to spend a week with his ex then he has some brain malfunction and as for him dumping you op I would have dumped him for telling me he was spending the week with his ex now if they are just friends and they have always kept in contact from the get go of your 2 relationship fine nothing wrong with talking and being friends the problem is spending a week with her alone so it not all about trusting him it's rude and disrespectfull to you unless you and the girl are all friends and hang out together so op I would not count him as a loss more of you wasted 2 years of your time with an asshole, you could always get even and date one of his buddies. or just move on and find a guy worth being with

  a_nutritionist  |  10

so hes still in contact and close with his ex, maybe they work together and need to go on a business trip or maybe he just wanted to organise a trip for them all to take together and she just couldnt make it because she put work first, who knows?
why are we judging this guy without knowing the situation? oh right, because we are on fml, and thats what you people tend to do.
i think id do the exact same thing he did, ditch your ass because youre incapable of trusting me with my friends and because i can foresee your insecurities being a major problem every single time something comes up that you dont like. ydi.
sure, he may have had bad intentions, but i guess youll never find out now will you?

  zbreezybee  |  2

I'm one of the least jealous girls I know, but I would still be uncomfortable with him spending a week with any girl, especially an ex of his if I'm not there. Even if logically, I know that he won't cheat on me, it would still be a very unpleasant week for me, and might cause relationship issues in the future. Also, you have to wonder, why was OP's boyfriend so insistent on going somewhere to spend a week with his ex, and not inviting OP along. There might be more to the story, but from what we know, OP is totally in the right.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@93 some of us are in mature relationships and wouldnt mind. perhaps youd be annoyed and storm around like a princess, but then people like you arent capable of forming that kind of relationship anyway...so i guess im just trying to describe colour to the blind.

By  strawberrydreams  |  18

Don't feel bad OP. At least he saved you the embarrassment of possibly getting cheated on. Seriously, what kind of guy would want to hang out with their ex and NOT expect their current partner to be annoyed or slightly jealous?

  ryanprussin  |  0

Me. I trust my partners completely and I would expect them to trust me the same; if I want to hang out with a current friend who happens to have been an ex at one point in time, and you don't trust me enough to do that, I'm not sure how long the relationship would last.

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