By Kebabjoon - 29/04/2011 11:36 - Spain

Today, I had my first job interview for eight months. My interviewer noticeably yawned during my reply to the first question. FML
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uhh it's probably nothing personal they peob didn't get enough sleep I'm always yawning and if it was about u u deserved it


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Don't take it so personal (:

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This makes me curious, as to what kind of job the OP was having an interview for. I don't know why, it doesn't even have anything to do with the yawn actually. Just made me curious haha. Well anyways, OP he might have not gotten enough sleep! I'm sure you're not perfect with your bedtime either(; you might know how he feels :p

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*Yawn* 23 No one wants to read a paragraph.

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ironic, I happen to be yawning at the same time I'm reading this

maybe the interviewer was lacking on the sleep department.... must has gotten too rowdy the night before.

So what do trolls eat to be that 'bastardly'

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The souls of the incompetent.

In that case come to the Home Depot in my town and you'll have a good buffet.:)

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Oh shit. I didn't mean to give you my soul D:

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uhh it's probably nothing personal they peob didn't get enough sleep I'm always yawning and if it was about u u deserved it

I think they didn't get enough sleep because they were looking over OP's amazing resume so they were yawning.

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why would you take it personally like that? he/she is probably an hard partier

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"Peob". Funniest typo I've seen on fml in a while (:

I don't think telling the judge you punched him for yawning is gunna hold up in court

Yes because that would definitely get him the job...

Reading the word "yawn" has the tendency to make you actually yawn ;)

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I yawned 5times just reading this thread.(:

Seeing a person yawn or reading about it leads to you doing the same thing. Any intelligent FML user with an explanation?

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Natural body movements are pretty rude

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I am sorry. You should've yelled back "Bitch Yuh Wanna Say Something!"

well, yawns pass from one person to another... so yeah!

Get over yourself. Yawning doesn't equal boredom all the time.

whether it was by the interviewer or interviewee, it's still considered rude to yawn during an interview.

...Because of misconceptions about yawning. Get over it.

but its not like you can hold back a yawn.

maybe he just had a long night? or perhaps you need to roll into interviews like Darrel and Brennan from Step-Brothers?

just don't let a huge fart go during the interview