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By  QueenSaru  |  28

Is she somewhere on the ace spectrum? Maybe she didn't mind waiting because she doesn't care about sex? Definitely something that should have come up pre-marriage though, because sexual compatibility is super important in a relationship.

Definitely sit down with her and use your words though, and if you need to, Crowned Sataness is correct, have the marriage annulled. You both need to be on the same page going forward and if sex is something you want/need and she doesn't, I don't see a future between you.

By  Nhayaa2.0  |  16

Why did you wait until you got married? I never understood why this still exists. If you're gonna spend the next 50 years with someone, make sure you're compatible in bed.

  kfchicken  |  31

it's almost like people have different values and they don't have to act in a way you understand. a good chunk of the largest religions in the world forbid pre marital sex, plus some purple cute sex as a very personal act, there are plenty of reasons to abstain

By  Krissy Sands  |  5

listened to a story about this on trume crime, lady ended up murdering her husband