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  Djosef_fml  |  0

If he takes a shower a day and yet still smells ''manly'', he needs deodorant.
Your boyfriend will probably figure it out when you, his family, coworkers and friends tell him he smells bad.

I hate deodorant too, but I would wear some if I smelled bad.

By  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

It's actually scientifically proven that after around 30min of the scent of male perspiration that most women are relieved of stress, and some become aroused.

  Djosef_fml  |  0

Oh please, the recent advertisements for ''men'' hygene products just throw in a few ''manly'' adjectives trying to hide the rest of the words that no man was to use in a conversation about his hygene just 5 years ago. It's almost cute how they try to bypass that social taboo, yet still maintain that curious and useless men vs woman distinction in shampoo and soap.

By  FFML_314  |  11

He's lying in order to avoid hurting your feelings. He doesn't want to tell you that the smell of his BO, hides the smell of your...OK, even I can't finish this sentence.