By FreeChocolate - 10/12/2013 01:51 - United States - Marysville

Today, I took my cat to the vet's. When the vet took her temperature anally, I couldn't stop laughing. The vet had to ask me to leave the room. FML
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I didn't expect to be published! By the way, the cat is the one in my photo. To be fair, the vet asked me if I would like to leave while he did it and I accepted. This was also due to the fact that the cat kept trying to climb into my hood because I'm familiar to her. It was just a routine checkup, she was perfectly fine. I don't blame you for thinking I deserved it, I don't deny it was cruel of me to laugh at her. But she just made the most surprised and indignant face and she was running away from him. She actually did hop off the table and try to escape!

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karo_mit_k 11

Your cat whould do the same if it was you on the table.

The look on a cat's face when it's having its temperature taken is freaking hilarious!


Clench.... now unclench again. *exercise time!*

RedPillSucks 31

Unclenching will allow them to shove the thermometer deeper. Clench! Clench!!!

Why does everyone act like growing up is a great solution? You have to be stupid and silly about some things, or the stress of life would just seem unbearable.

I mean, you don't 'have' to be silly or "stupid" with certain things life throws at you. It's just nice to have the option to be carefree, live in the moment, and chill the fook out. This goes for OP's situation as well. I think its more of the fact that the Vet had to ask them to leave (In terms of why they said "FML"). They could have been nervous as well; as someone had mentioned. I personally don't see anything wrong here or anything that would warrant me to step-in and say something to diverge OP from the path they are on, or put them down for the moment they had. Hope everything worked out for the kitty cat OP.

I can't help but giggle when my cat gets her temperature taken. She makes the funniest pissed off noise that is quite unlike any sound I've heard her make before & makes a ridiculous facial expression as she howls. I'm sure most cat owners that realize it's a routine check up procedure find it pretty hilarious too :) Even a mature person would probably at least crack a grin, especially if they've never experienced their cat having it done before.

klovemachine 24

does this mean when op has a child and has to take them to the doctor he/she will laugh at that too. or they dont do it that way anymore

karo_mit_k 11

Your cat whould do the same if it was you on the table.

^never a truer comment. Laugh away OP. Cat will have its revenge soon enough.

I dont know about you, but my cat does not come to the doctors with me.

CptWesker25 9

and this is the reason we fail as a species

luckyone365 7

Speak for yourself. I'm far from a failure.

Although it's a sort of a stupid thing to laugh at, I don't really think it equates to the failure of our species. And don't feel bad OP, everyone laughs at dumb shit sometimes, you just can't help it!

The look on a cat's face when it's having its temperature taken is freaking hilarious!

I think the noise they make is the funniest part.

You wouldn't be happy having a thermometer shoved up your ass either!

oj101 33

I can't decide who was the asshole - OP or the vet.

I think this is more of your cats fml: Today my human took me to see my worst enemy. I trusted them and they inserted something into my butt and my human couldn't stop laughing and then left me alone with them. FML

oj101 33

I can't decide who's the asshole - OP for laughing, or the vet for kicking OP out of the room.

Honestly, i think everyone has a part of their brain stuck as a child's..

Well considering the amount of YDI and "grow up" comments, I think you should re evaluate your statement. That being said, I agree with what you seemed to imply, that we all should keep that part of our brain :)

all those ydi's are just people that keep that part of themselves suppressed.

I voted YDI, even though I still have that childish part of my brain, I voted YDI because it's not funny.

Kallian_fml 21

Yeah OP! Have a heart! Poor kitty wasn't feline to good.