By Jims - 29/04/2011 14:00 - Singapore

Today, the only person who wished me a happy birthday is the policeman who checked my identity card for being "suspiciously gangster-like". FML
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you were probably doing 55 in a fifty foe.

littlemissFYL 5

OP was probably riding dirty.


awwhhhh poor you;( No friends?;( FYL big time! and where's your family? are u a runaway kid?

:( that's depressing

i think if 18 changed their picture not as many people would vote his/her comments down

r6_fml 4

They were probly rockin the pimp limp


C6Racer 0

You lookin like a foo' with yo' pants on the ground!!

JacksonCampbell 9

What happened next?

cool story bro...

I've see this post, or something too close, before in this site!

awe :/ happy birthday <3

C6Racer 0

81, you must be new. Half the posts on FML are fake.

ImThePope 2

Happy birthday? :o

littlemissFYL 5

OP was probably riding dirty.

TinyDude 10

Meh this happens alot in singapore. ur branded as a gangster if u got tattoos piercings or dyed hair. so whats new lols.

"They trying to catch me riding dirty."

Awww poor OP :( Happy Birthday!!! :)

sailorzoe 14

I've been guilty of being tattooed before. Happens more than you'd think!

131 those tattoos look very hot on you ; )

who would marry 131

how dare you tattoo 131!!!? how dare you?!?!

165, Someone who Loves her obviously.

EvilCupcake8361 9

131- your tatoos are soo sick:)

TroII 0

That sounds pretty badass.. ubless you dont want to be gangster lol

TroII 0

unless* sorry

apparently it doesn't feel good to be a ganster...

the Geto Boys were wrong!! D:

why the exclamation?

notsocrazee 0

that's a question mark...

notsocrazee 0

that's a question mark...

Last time I looked at the definition of the symbol, it was a question mark...

happy birthday

you were probably doing 55 in a fifty foe.

kameryn25 3


that made me laugh

PushMyButtons 5

hahahaha that was great.

Umm you mean fiddy five in a fiddy foe?

it's fiddy foe black people can't say fifty FYL

Baby2000 0

lol yeh yours is right.

sematariux 7


nah it was 55 1/2

Rawr100 0


if I could thumbs up twice, I would. (:

tonydizzle 0

lol license and registration and get outta the car are you carrying a weapon on you I know a lot of you are l

ydi for letting urself get caught, dont go out in public like that, be safely gangster-like in ur own home

alexxss_fml 10

smh. ^this

bitch be trippin.

enonymous 8

Being suspicious like in Singapore? isn't that immediate grounds for a whipping and 3 years in jail?

tittymagic 0

haha good one...

happy birthday! love random fml commenter

thatbitch99 0

you shouldnt be gangster-like