By Kid - 17/03/2010 09:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I bullied a kid at school, just so someone would talk to me. FML
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What is the difference between you and a catfish? . . One is a bottom-feeding scum-sucker that has no benefit to society and the other is a fish.

lmao um that's probably not the best way to make friends


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dgv 13

you asshole. a pathetic one at that.

idk whether to vote YDI or FYL. I mean nothing happened to YOU except that you're a prat... but I have no sympathy for you so I can't say FYL. I shall not vote =0

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I fantasize about torturing bullies

agreed with 1. I'd beat the shit outta you if I saw that

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if you want someone to talk to you play in a four way intersection.

I wonder if it was actually bullying or if it was the "bullying" where someone makes a joke at someone elses expense. Anyways, the OP should confide in someone othe than FML. Perhaps the guidance councilor?

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wtf, OP? oh i get it, you psoted this here so we can talk to you. :) ok fine, in the dark of the night, in the cold silence, that kid shal lcreep into your room wearing a pennywise mask and a bag of condoms, handcuffs, tentacles, ******, and lube, and hotsauce. youll wake up too late to stop him... or you be charged for assault, asswipe... bullies like u drive kids to suicide!! Karma, fool. just remeber that/. this has to be on of the biggest ydi ive ever seen on this site :( ....fyl for being so pathetic though.

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man OP that's not even cool 

FYL. As in literally. Your life needs to get raped. You deserve a life-raping. Who wants to administer it?

awwwwwww poor you did no-one talk to you? IF YOU BULLY NO-one will

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WTF how does him getting raped help

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you sir should be ashamed as you are an asshole and the reason thousands of kids commit suicide.

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It's because he's English. Here's a nation of people who are brought up without consonants in their spoken language. This causes a buildup of the stupidity hormone, well known in redneck Americans, Australians from West Sydney, and almost all Germans. The stupidity hormone causes outbreaks of rage and violence and a strong need to justify their actions afterwards.

Aww all he needs is a little bit of attention :) well sorry big guy, but bullying a kid's not going to attract the sort of attention you're looking for.

fail @ 107.....just because bush sucked ass at representing americans doesnt make the english any ******* stfu and stop making assumptions about a group of people because of one person's actions

here op I'll give u a tip. they won't talk to u if your bullying them

I find these comments hilarious. Sure, OP was being a prick, but it's ironic that everyone is insulting him for being a bully, when they are doing precisely the same thing. OP, I won't insult you, but I'm disgusted and disappointed that any human being could stoop this low in order to make a friend. Try being yourself (not an asshole), and find friends with common interests by doing something you like. Band, choir, orchestra, glee club, etc. are all acceptable places to find friends. You may still be a social outcast, but at least you won't be alone. Although, since you already bullied that kid, you may have trouble finding friends even at clubs like these now. It's okay though, here comes the sun little darling. It's alright, it may feel like years since it's been here, but the smiles will come back to their faces. (Cookie for anyone who names this reference.) しね。

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that's what most bullies do but usually they are too ignorant to admit it so props on that one, but you still deserved it

I'm in! What does that entail exactly? He totally deserves it for being a bully, maybe after we bully him by "life raping" him he will learn and change his ways. Wait... Seriously though kid, being a bully is a bad idea. Tomorrow try apologizing to that kid, tell him you feel like a jerk for bullying him, then you might make a friend.

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Makin a joke at someone elses expense is still bullying.

That was directed @ UberFail79 for any who didn't make the connection.

you lowlife, piece of shit, loser. I hope your life becomes so hopelessly lonely and sad that you cry yourself to sleep, wishing you had the courage to follow through on your contemplations of suicide. assholes like you, willing to resort to such measures, deserve NO sympathy!

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Because he's English, he is a bully?? Because you're an American, you take a gun into school, and shoot other students. And... He doesn't say he is English. It says he is from London. 7 million people live in London... They're not all English. However, us English thugs forgive your blatant ignorance, as you have probably never left the State you are from

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if you need attention that bad I feel sorry for you, quit being a loser and go make friends

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what a douche. you can do other things than bully people.

George boosh, **** off. you probably have never actually met a german In your whole life so stop being a stereotyping asswipe.

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i guess its true what they say bullies have no friends

Well obviously you have never been to America...... ****** steryotypical basterds..... Both of you should stfu and stop descriminating!!

Rubix gets a cookie for knowing great music.

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Couldn't agree more. I'm ashamed of my species.

Actually, suicide is the easy way out. So don't say that suicide is what takes strength to perform. To admit and confront your problems head on, THAT takes strength. Also.. WTF are you doing mentioning suicide on a place like this?

dude I can see wanting to be talked to but bullying someone to do it is just low. for a long time I went to school and didn't have any friends and was constantly bullyed. it's people like you who deserve to suck at life. like I said I can see why you would want to do something like that for attention but find something else. just because your life sucks doesn't mean you have to make everyone elses suck too.

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#25 = completely right. And win <3! xD

agreed. but obviously the OP has some social and/or anxiety issues. I feel his pain though. ALTHOUGH bullying people is really lame. I hope he learned that. It's better to be thought a lame dork then a douchebag. at least lame dorks have friends who actually know and care about them.

That definitely makes me want to talk to u(?) try being nice to others so they might WANT to talk to u!

lmao um that's probably not the best way to make friends

yeah. usually people don't like jerks. ... but who am I? I live in Newburgh

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I bet YOU called HIM a loser. How ironic.

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ya it is. because he would be a loser as well...

Chances are the person you bullied was your friend and it was in good nature. These reworded FML's nowadays.

"Give me your lunch money." "..." "Oh. So this mannequin thinks it's a wise ass, huh?" "..." "Fine. Maybe a little spooning will get you to talk." "..." (eyebrow raises about 1/8 of an inch)