By Anonymous - United States
Today, I told my boyfriend I had to go out and that I'd be back later. He asked where I was going. "To see my other boyfriend," I chuckled, smiling. He took it seriously and wouldn't believe it was just a joke. I'm pretty sure I'm now single. FML
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  brenton490  |  19

but if Nigahiga has taught people anything is to call the bluff! she said yes to throw him off guard . But she she frowned it would counter her counter so she had to smile to counter her counter for the counter, but she did not see him countering her counter that countered her counter. Us still with me here folks?

  iwadasn  |  32

Agreed, 24. It's a cliche jokey thing that people say, like "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." I suppose OP's boyfriend would actually fear for his life if someone said that to him?

  Anony2014  |  10

I don't think OP was going to break up with the boyfriend for not understanding the joke. Rather, the boyfriend really thinks OP has another boyfriend, there for HE might want to break up with HER. He shouldn't, but if he's lacking that much in humor and is that untrusting, OP would be better off without him.

By  dezman2000  |  21

While yes, it's extremely childish and immature to jump to such outlandish conclusions, maybe he had some bad experiences in the past related to what you said. Talking to him might help, even though it is 100% not your fault.

  you_can_do_it  |  2

did you people not ever consider that she has probably done things in the relationship that made him not believe her. to jump to the conclusion he is being childish shows how shallow you are.