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Today, my boyfriend got angry because I laughed when he asked me if he should retire from being a Pokemon Trainer. He was serious. He's also 21. FML
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Xenmas021 3

You laughed because you can't ever retire from being a Pokemon trainer, right?


cottoncandymango 17

Well, did you tell him to retire or not?

alexwow1 13

Does he do actual battle with the cards in real life

I want to be the very best, Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, To train them is my cause. I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide. Each Pokemon, to understand The power that's inside. Haha u know u sang it. :D

Not until he becomes a Pokemon Master! As his girlfriend, you have to support his dreams!

I hope she didn't—no one likes a quitter. Ash must be right around the legal age of retirement by now, and he's still going strong!

haha it's not THAT old 41. I say he should get the new games and maybe enter a few tournaments if he's good at it, but he should be aware that it would not be the center of his life... Who here is getting X or Y? I know I am!

I sure hope not. OP's name is disheartening. ):

Good point. I know there are people who don't like it but don't necessarily hate it either. Personally, it isn't my cup of tea. I played with my cousin once like ten years ago and even though it didn't appeal to me, I can see why it's so loved. It's creative, cute, fun and even challenging. Who could hate something that's been popular for so long and is enjoyed by kids and adults?

gtitts 4

One thing you never tell a man: retire from pokemon training.

(Pokemon got to catch em all) ohhhh it's you and me. You know it's our destiny! You teach me and I'll teach you! Pokeeeemooon!

Fireashes250 16

There's this app on the App Store called "Pokemon TV" where you can watch episodes from Pokemon. This has no relevance, I just thought that you should know. :)


MilkyFilmz 26

Fire, yeah but it doesnt have them all :( I recommend pokemonepidodes.orf

alexwow1 13

Remind me of my brother he spent about 3000 dollars on games like pokemon

HowAreYouToday 34

Pokémon is serious business.

You can't spend 3000 on just Pokemon And there's noooothing like Pokemon

#36, Digimon and Pokemon are completely different in concepts. It has more in common with Monster Rancher then Pokemon.

digimon and Pokemon were made by the same people just so they could watch the world burn. it didn't, because Pokemon is still better

He must become the very best that no one ever was

flockz 19

actually all the professors just want to bang your mom while you're away. why do you think they're all named after wood?

ileenefudge 29

There is over 600 now and probably even more with 2 more new games coming out in October. I prefer to stick with the original 151 but maybe that is just me...

xblaine 17

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alexwow1 13
xblaine 17

I thought it was clever. I've been wrong before.

I thought it was good, but I'm a girl that likes Pokemon

Pokemon was seriously my life when I was little. I remember playing the limited edition yellow version on my green Gameboy color.... those were the days...

I thought it was okay, but I'm a girl that like FML.

Some people my age (26) play that still. Not my bag of beans personally. To each their own I guess.

DKjazz 20

It's made for kids, but there's no other game out there quite like it. For instance, games like CoD and Battlefield are similar, because they are in the same genre. Even games like Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas have several similarities (role playing, level-up-'n'-pick-yer-perk, weapon and skill specializations, etc.). But no game is in the same genre as Pokemon. The closest I can think of is DQM, but even that's pretty far off.

Also a lot of adults were kids or teens when Pokemon came out so it makes sense why some adults still play it.

I see college students play YuGiOh in the cafeteria everyday. I don't see anything wrong with Pokemon.

ise3 10

All the pokemon knockoffs I've seen are horrible. Attempts to emulate pokemon have been tried and failed. Gogo pokemon

Xenmas021 3

You laughed because you can't ever retire from being a Pokemon trainer, right?

He didn't choose the Pokemon life, the Pokemon life chose him

flashback.miss 28

Maybe it's time to have a long serious talk about having his priorities straight.

Damn right OP, tell him he can never retire until he catches them all and becomes the very best like no one ever was.

Because lets face it, to catch them is his REAL test, to train them is his cause.

He needs to travel across the land, and search far and wide

ThatOneTimeLord 25

Each pokemon he needs to understand

And understand the power that's inside

when he asked you out, was he like "I CHOOSE YOUU"?

Girlfriend used sex. It's super effective. Boyfriend fainted!

ise3 10

More like girlfriend used sex, it doesn't affect boyfriend. Pokemon>sex!

Sounds like he's more passionate about Pokemon than he is with your relationship... Did you ask him if you should retire from being his girlfriend?

Pokemon is some serious business. OP shouldn't take her boyfriend's wishes so lightly...

All it shows is that he's passionate about pokemon. It doesn't show that he's more passionate about pokemon than his girlfriend. He got angry because she didn't respect his passionate. Fair enough.

*passion Either way, however 'ridiculous' a partner's passion, if they're passionate about it, they enjoy it and it doesn't hurt anyone, then you should respect it. Don't have to like it but should still respect the partner liking it.

Well you should let him catch 'em all first.