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By  iamtheinsomniac  |  11

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  confusedAsFuck  |  34

It would've been ok for me if this had any hair involvement.. It fucking doesn't..

On the other hand, if you just said "Bloody situation"....... nah, it would've been as lame as your face too..

  furbyface711  |  9

When you have kittens in a house with dog, you are supposed to keep the kittens in their own room until they are big enough to defend themselves or know how to get away. Once they realize they can get on top of anything, they will be fine.
It's called being a responsible pet owner. Her boyfriends family should have had it all set up for her.

  Meechiepie  |  13

I don't necessarily agree with this. OP could have been in the washroom, or sleeping, or doing something else that she was unable to keep a full watch on the animals. It is impossible to keep an eye on them at every single second.

  kazrron  |  5

She isnt suppost to be sleeping or anything else. If she was told to watch the pets, she shouldnt do anything but watch the pets! This is the idiots about to take over America..

  Treveyon56  |  14

So 88 what if op had to use the rest room. Was she supposed to take the animals in there to watch? But it really doesn't matter. OP can't always have her eyes on them. If anyone is an idiot I'm sure it's you.

  toomanyidiots  |  14


Would you leave a pair of unrestrained toddlers (ex. not in a playpen), unattended to go to the bathroom when you should be baby sitting?

Hopefully not... you'd put them in a safe place like a playpen (or the kitten in a temporary crate, or another room) while doing your business, right?

  owenhs_2002  |  8

So, if the OPs boyfriend and parents were gone for days at a time, what then? She is supposed to go without sleep? What, are you stupid? People need sleep. 17 hours awake has the same effect on people as being legally impaired (0.05 BAC). And what if she was on the toilet? Or having a shower? It's idiots like you that are killing the world, working people to death in sweatshops in china.

  lyvingvamp  |  15

I feel that this isn't the first time that the dog has shown some form of aggression towards the kitten. If it wasn't the first time, the owners should have taken the necessary steps to correct the problem instead of leaving the pets home with someone else for an extended period.