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Today, the weather was beautiful, so I decided to go out skating. I guess I took a wrong turn into a bad neighborhood, because I ended up being chased several blocks by a group of jacked-up thugs wielding baseball bats and taunting, "Skate or die, homie!" FML
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I can see this being made into a movie.

I didn't choose the skate life, the skate life chose me.


I can see this being made into a movie.

You came to the wrong neighborhood motherf*cker.

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Was that you OP? My bad dawg.

Rollerskates and a gang - sounds like The Warriors.

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I would pay so much money to see that movie

In tandem with 8- Yeah, we was jus' playin' you homie. Ain't no thing.

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This movie clearly needs to be made.

That would still beat Steven Spielberg's Duel.

I was just going to say the same thing.

How come you weren't paying attention to where you were going?

Exactly. Since when does skating make you oblivious to your surroundings?

If you asked 100 people if they knew their city like the back of their hand, how many people would honestly say yes?

Why not explore a little? Would you rather not skate freely cause your scared of some people? I wouldn't let people ruin what I wanna do.

It's not like cities or towns have signs that say "You are now entering a bad neighborhood". Most people probably wouldn't know if their town/city even has a bad area, let alone where it starts or ends.

This is not even remotely true if you live in a metropolitan area, 74. Take St. Louis, for example. I know exactly where I shouldn't be. Edit: plus, you can usually tell a bad neighborhood by the quality of property upkeep and/or the people you see outside.

That's not always true though. I live in the city and I know vaguely which suburbs have bad reputations, but I wouldn't know which specific areas are the "bad neighborhoods". And while you might be able to tell you're in a bad area once you're there, #2's comment seemed to be implying that the OP should have been able to tell they were entering a bad area just by looking around, and it isn't always that simple. It's not like there are signs around the entrance to bad neighborhoods, or the sky suddenly darkens as soon as you're on "the wrong side of the tracks" so to speak.

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75 - maybe it's a St. Louis thing, but I completely agree.

Ot's not a St.Louis thing I've lived in St. Louis AND DC and i've spent some time in a couple other places too. I know when I'm in a good neighborhoid vs a bad one. However in DC they are very xlose together and you can walk through both multiple times on your way to the store. It's kind of amusing.

it's also a Little Rock thing. I may not know every street in the city but I know 99% of where I shouldn't be if I want to avoid trouble.

I didn't choose the skate life, the skate life chose me.

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GTA V - mission 15, 'Ghetto Meals on Ghetto Wheels'.

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Seems more like something from Bully. Jimmy Hopkins is skateboarding through town, and then he gets chased by Townies until Russell and the gang comes and saves him.

In all fairness, they are both games by Rockstar so you both win this round.

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Are you sure they weren't Jehovah's witnesses?

I don't think we would chase you with baseball bats. Personally I might laugh if I saw this as a bystander though.... Then helped out

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I'm just impressed that you managed to spell all that right. Half of the time my ex couldn't even pronounce "Jehovah" correctly :/

All they wanted was a minute to talk about The Lord Jesus Christ

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They don't think Jesus is the Lord, but the son of god aka Jehovah. The more you know

if there was a god, he'd destroy all the religions of the world

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olpally 32

I liked 14's better than yours 43. Sorry! Lol.

"My finger tips and my lips they burn from the cigarettes...."

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"Today, the weather was beautiful so i decided to play baseball with my friends. We tried to get this other skating guy to play with us because he looked friendly. He ran from us after i invited him. FML"

You have just made my day and its only 2 A.M. lol

When he refused our invitation we decided we were gonna whoop his bitchass for being uppity. but he got away.

You were attacked by some idiots in the projects? So dumb.

why do we have to be so ignorant? Not all people in the project are idiots. Some people are just making the best out of tough circumstances.

I think this is a bed intruder reference

Yes, I was simply referring to the viral "Bed Intruder" video on YouTube. Didn't mean to come off as "ignorant," but I definitely recommend to watch that video on YouTube to understand my comment. Thanks!

Classic? Guess Miley and that Beiber punk are vintage now eh? Damn how time flies.

This is why I don't go anywhere without a gun. Just let one hit me and I can rid the earth of the scum that is their life.