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  easylazy  |  0

YDI for not reading the whole lot of letters that came in the fucking mail!! Seriously, when someone gets evicted it's totally their fault. You know how many letters come in the mail before they're allowed to evict? You are so freakin dumb. A lot of it is your fault

  Rutgerman95  |  0

Dude, calm down. Maybe his brother has read through all those letters, ignored the bill and just threw all of them away before the victim could even read them.

By  Mnemic  |  5

Hehe, no indeed. Lots of Dutch FML's recently. :-P

Nice weather btw to find your stuff outside. The last few days where pretty messed up with rain and thunder and shit. :-/

You never got any warnings from the housing corporation?

  Kristoffer  |  35

Professional property management companies, which run most of the rental properties in most places around the world, will indeed kick you out for one missed payment. I don't know what the laws are in the Netherlands but it's customary in Utah and probably the entire US to gve a 5-day grace period for paying rent, issue a 3-day notice to pay or vacate on the 6th (with varying amounts of late fees on a per-day basis calculated starting the 2nd), and then if the tenant is still there on the 9th and hasn't paid rent and late fees, initiate eviction proceedings.

So yes, they will kick you out for missing one payment - but the swiftness of this eviction seems to indicate that this may not have been the first missed payment.

  crazy_bananas  |  31

Why is it OP's job to make sure his idiot brother paid his part of the rent? Obviously if they are both old enough to be paying rent, and living separately from their parents then it should have been apparent that both were mature adults who can do the simple task of paying the rent. FYL OP